Friday, April 06, 2012


It's not fair leaving us early, we're older than you are.

I wrote this about you in 2005. You will be missed dude, say hi to my Uncle Steph for me.

I call Joey as the Julio ng buhay ko, yep Julio at Julia kambal ng tadhana. I dunno why this fellow seems to know a lot about me. I am so transparent in his eyes that he can see through me. There was this one instance before that he seems to understand me more than my girl friends. And just recently, he told Gabs that he thinks I like this one guy cos my eyes were different when I look at the guy. Grabe, I am so buking in front of Joey, kaya friend here’s to you – you deserve a shout out. Thanks for waiting with me last Friday, you don’t talk much but it was fun hanging out with you & babe watching is cool I guess, hehehe ginawa mo talaga akong lesbo. Natutuwa talaga ako sayo.

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