Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Unfortunate

For no apparent reason you can’t sleep at night.

There’s nothing good on TV, you’ve used up all your DVD resources and you’re not in the mood for those still unwatched.

You read a little then you don’t want to continue, the story is just boring you. You switch to another book, it’s not working either.

It’s already 2 am… you turn the laptop on tried going online, no one is available to talk to.

You tried texting the BFF, no reply perhaps because she’s already asleep or on night shift.

You get up, walk outside the room and open the fridge. Water or milk? You took a sip from the milk carton (hehehe), went back inside the room switch the TV on again and browse through channels hoping that in the last 30 minutes something worth watching might be on. This one of those moments when you feel that you’re just wasting your money paying the cable company. There’s still nothing good on.

And then you suddenly feel very tired. You feel sleepy, hooray! You feel so happy you’re now beginning to doze off. You’re now half conscious and smiling.

Then after like 30 minutes you heard a loud sound… the alarm clock is now blaring. Time to get up, what?!?!

That’s my life.


kegler747 said...

I'm quite familiar with the same situation for about a few times... well, except for the sipping milk straight from the carton part :) I sip juice instead (i'm lactose intolerant), hehehe :)

Anne said...

and the feeling of restlessness sucks right :)

re: milk, you're missing a lot of good things in life hehehe i believe you can overcome your intolerance by drowning yourself in milk until your system get used to it hehehe.

kegler747 said...

A cup of milk or ice cream is fine, beyond that you know what :)