Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dear R...

My guy (read this Inday...MY GUY) told me to have more patience in dealing with you. I even asked for discernment, I prayed... I gave you a little break inside my mind, you wrote it at an ungodly hour... Good Friday Jesus is dead that’s why evil forces were scattered around. I have no intentions of changing my blog site address. I can but I don’t want to. You can read all the things here, you can say whatever you want but I don’t think that I’ll give you the satisfaction you want. Sorry dear, I’m not as kind and as patient with you the way my friend Z is. An eye for an eye baby. I can track you down, I already know your IP address, the numbers you’ve been using in sending crazy messages to Z, phew they’re traceable so be careful. Prepaid numbers can always be traced, my SMART friends around the GLOBE knows. You may not be doing this alone and whoever is scheming with you will definitely be an accessory to the crime, I don’t need to tell you the technicalities for you may not understand them because it’ll all be in English and I don’t need to tell your sorry ass my reasons for leaving law school. The mere fact that I excelled when I was there and mind you, I went to San Beda – bawal di marunong mag-English dun day. So here’s a love letter for you.

Dear R,

I’m sure it’s you and I’m sorry how things turned out for you. I am sorry that you have the highest level of insecurity and that you always find ways on how to be unhappy. I am really sorry for you that I pity you. You wouldn’t want sympathy from me I assure you so gather yourself and act as normal as you can.

Have you noticed how many times you have mentioned the word “panget”? It’s already starting to emanate my dear... I was just being polite it actually was innate. Have you looked at the mirror lately? Tsk tsk so sad.

If you don’t stop pestering Z or me or our other friends, your precious E will have no idea about the crazy things you’ve been up to lately – at least not from me because I don’t think Mr & Mrs V_n__an (of Soldier’s Hills Munti) will take this issue lightly. And they will find out I assure you ;-) if you don’t stop. I can call one of these days or for an added element of surprise a visit to their home will be perfect.

So live your life, be happy, be normal but if you can’t, you can always call 5319001 because NCMH is always ready to lend a helping hand to those who are in need.

This is the last time will write something about you here... you can write anything you like but don’t think that my visit to the V family is a bluff.

Sincerely (you bet I’m still sincere),


PS: Stop using our other friend's names, stop stalking them in cyberspace... STOP HARASSING US!!! I am telling you nicely now to BACK-OFF, SCRAM and EVAPORATE.

PSS: The word child is singular it’s plural form is children. You don’t have to add s to children marami nayun plural (CHILDRENS??? Di pa ginawang CHILDS hahaha). That’s elementary English my dear and now that you know, it’s never too late to learn it even if you’re already 25 years old or up. Goodluck, study hard, English is our second language, a typo error in some cases can be acceptable I’ll give you that but grammar is very important.

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