Monday, May 04, 2009

A Walk in the Park

When my sister & I were young we used to have picnics and trips to the zoo, the park and other play grounds, my parents took us to those type of amusement locations. It was very different before because shopping malls are strictly for its main purpose only – for shopping. There are countable times when my Mama go to the malls (sometimes we went with her – as long as we promised that we will not ask her to buy us anything even cheap toys, etc.) – before Christmas, Birthdays (or if she’ll be attending a wedding, she needs to buy a gift, or our shoes if we’re on the entourage) and before classes starts (for the school supplies & again shoes). But now with the emergence of shopping malls that says “we got it all for you” and its competitors malling (which is not even a word in the dictionary) is already a lakwatsa experience to a child. My nephews and nieces are not familiar with museums (except during their school field trips – which occasionally also includes a trip to the mall, so ironic) or national parks & other small zoos. All my pamangkins knows is that when we will go out for pasyal we are going to the mall. We changed all of it last Sunday, while Papa was busy with the Paquioa-Hatton fight, my Ma, my sister and I took my pamangkins to a picnic at the Rizal Park. My small pamangkins saw the park in their text books and we thought it would be great if they could see the real thing. Here are some shots from yesterday’s trip. It feels amazing seeing them running, kite flying and just simply living the way kids should. It’s a great time for them – away from the television, away from their gaming consoles... just having pure fun and enjoyment.

yes oh yes - picture taking katanghaliang tapat hehehe

Jian - intently watching Rizal's guards

with Nini & Jian


Nini - always ready for a shot (nakikinikinita ko na ang paglaki ng batang ito hehehe mahilig sa picture taking)

with Jian

kite flying - Jian and Jude

Jian and Jude

sarap maging bata

Next stop - the Avilon Zoo, I hope they enjoy the experience :)

Happy Monday everyone, I know boxing pa rin ang favorite topic ng lahat. Enjoy your victory (sa mga pumusta) and balato naman :p

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