Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I haven’t written anything that is essential to human existence in the last months (as if I do in all those months that I started this blog hehehe). Well I’m back and I’m here to post some of the Boracay pictures from last weekend. It was a crazy vacay and I am so glad I was able to spend it with family and dear friends.

Puka Beach


palm trees (obvious naman eh)

Mama & Papa

sailboat, I used Luchie's cam in capturing this really nice view

more from Puka Beach

Luchie: Anne dali-dalian mo...
Anne: eto na nga di na magkanda kumahog kakadali...
Rhea: hay naku Tita anne ang tagal mo...
Dines: nakakinip kayo ah...
(I don't know what's the real story behind this pic, let's just say the dialogues above means something hehehe)

ofcourse, the travelling hand... di pwedeng mawala :D

lounging under the sun (with Rhea and Dines)

Jude reluctanly smiling for the camera

group pic: Luchie, yours truly, Chard, Dines, Sophie & Rhea

at White Beach

at Alta Vista de Boracay's infinity pool

I really like it there in Boracay, I love the beach, the place (White Beach) being swamped with people which is the complete opposite of Puka Beach because it is so serene, something I liked about it a lot (we were so happy we went there but we also love people watching at the main beach stretch) and I really like our hotel, it was the best. But I am still in love with Panglao in Bohol. Speaking of Bohol, owners of Villa de Sol (the place we stayed at while on vacation in Bohol last year) asked me if they can use my photos on their site... nice :)

... photos from Richard & Luchie's cam


gracious said...

Saya! Boracay uli. Your mom looks great. Tumaba sya konti :) My brothers just came back from boracay and I'm super jealous. I haven't been there :(

Anne said...

hi cious! yep nakabawi na si mama & di na mapigilan ang pagtaba hehehe :)