Monday, February 06, 2006

TOP 5 for the Vday

In lieu of the coming Valentines Day I thought I’d give it a grand welcome by giving the approaching event a new twist, oh well that’s me… can’t help it I have to say something about the d-day. So let me start the countdown by sharing the TOP 5 SAD SONGS.

Yes my friends, top 5 and it all started with:

5. Separate Lives by Phil Collins
The song title would speak for itself, talk about walls and making it stronger. Telling the person “you have no right”. Excruciatingly painful (grabe na itoh!) segue-han natin ng line by Michael Bolton “How am I suppose to live without you?” sagot ni Phil “I guess we’ll go on living separate lives”.

4. I Can’t Make You Love Me by Bonnie R-something (lemme check first the web on the correct spelling of the last name, I like her version than George Michael’s)
Can’t force a person to love you, you really can’t. You can’t make your heart beat for someone, you simply can’t dahil sabi ni Julia Fordham “love moves in mysterious ways, always so surprising…”.

3. Pare Ko by the Eraserheads
Yes, ang theme song ng buhay ko. No need to elaborate, it is all too clear, this is my thoughts in Ely’s writing. Ako ang dakilang kaibigan, always one of the boys… nak nang lagi na lang oo.

2. Landslide by Smashing Pumpkins
Love was brought down in a landslide, bumulusok paibaba di na makabangon.

And lastly,
1. Heaven Knows by Orange and Lemons
Tsk tsk, “I should have clipped her wings” and “…angel has flown away from me”. No turning back, what’s done is done and regrets are always at the end.

I may sound bitter and all but Valentines will always be the hearts and lovers day. We may all shout “No To Commercialism” on Feb 14 but all of us would like to receive something - a little something sweet that would make us feel special.

Since I started with the Top 5 Sad Songs, here now are my top 5 cutie mushy cheesy to the max songs (I love all of them!!!).

5. Stickwitu by PCD
Yes I love the girls & it’s kinda new you – kailangang sabay sa uso since Valentines. When I was in HK I said to myself that by the time I get back home I will really really remove Ben2 from my system but hell this song was haunting me… urging me to stick stick stick, ang kulit ayan favorite ko na tuloy.

4. Because of You by Keith Martin
National Anthem ng mga inlove. Not everybody knows this song when I first heard it, it was like 2-3 years ago and there are only 2 radio stations that play it, Jam & Wave. I even told myself that I will sing this song to my husband to be on my wedding day ang kaso eto na – naalipusta na ang kanta. Meron na syang million versions. Although the song hasn’t lost its meaning naasar pa rin ako.

3. Say That You Don’t Care by Drop n Harmony
Ang nagpapahabol na song, but it’s cute. The line that goes “say that you don’t care and I’ll walk away, say you don’t give a damn and I won’t stay but if you really want me like I do girl you gotta show it, etc”

2. Lifetime by Maxwell
Isama na rin natin ang If I was the One by Ruff Endz, Missing You by Case, Rozwell‘s Only Wanna Be With You, Ginuwine’s Differences, Comfortable by John Mayer (o di ba di lang 5 tracks hehehe).

1. Inspired by ETC (di title to ito yung channel)… Next to You by Dan Siegel
It’s a cuddle song, yeah you just wanna hug the person you love when you hear it. Ahhh valentines, kahit no to commercialism, a teddy bear (or care bears) won’t hurt hehehe.

I was channel surfing earlier today (my favorite hobby) and then on STC they were playing old tracks, I was able to watch Vanessa William’s Save the Best for Last video. I soo love this song when I was in grade six. I had a crush then on my sort-of guy best friend. We we’re really close and he would always tell me things about this girl whom she really likes. The girl was a friend too pero syempre when you’re young you question things and happenings like why her why not me, yeah she’s pretty but I’m smarter. You tend to enumerate all the good things in you and all the bad things in your competition. Crazy as it was I used to think that in the end the best would happen – that he was just saving the best for last cos it was the line “how can you give your love to someone else and share your dreams with me” that I really hold on to. Pero walang nagyari – I’m just really a friend material sabe nga cos as I grew up ganun pa rin. Not that I’m complaining cos I have the best guy friends ever and that being with them romantically would be like incest hehehe. Now my point, wala as always hehehe nah, I just would like to say that this valentines are not just for couples, it’s for friends too. Friendship day can be celebrated simultaneously with Valentines. Hallmark will contest this I know (aba di na kikita masyado ang greeting cards on different days) but we can make everyday valentines or xmas if we like (magastos ah). At the end of the day, papiliin ako kung boyfriend or friend syempre friends. I’ve been blessed with the best people that I can call friends. I am grateful and really fortunate. Kaya mga friends binabati ko na kayo ngayon pa lang, di ko na kayo itetext okay?

As for saving the best for last, that friend of mine is now happily married. At di dun sa crush nya noon (buti na lang hehehe).

Speaking of being married, my congratulations to Mai & Arnold!!! Wow can’t wait for the main event, I am so happy & excited for you Mai!!! You’ll be the most beautiful bride ever I’m sure. Love yah always.

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