Sunday, February 19, 2006

Weekend Girl

I used to write something about anything on this page everyday then every other day but now I realized that I turned out to be a weekend blogger. There are actually a lot of ideas swarming in my brain but I guess I would like to believe I am busy at work that is why I don’t have the time to put the thoughts into writing.

And every Sundays when I feel bored watching reruns of anything I turn the laptop on and blabber about the first thing that comes to my mind.

And for today the topic is, tan tadadan!!!!... Princess Lulu.

I bought the complete episodes in DVD of this new Koreanovela. I saw the first epi on channel 2, got intrigued and there I lost control and made a point to pass by Arlegui when I went with my Mom on her regular check-up at UST. I am now 3 more discs away from the ending. Typical soap – boy meets girl love hate relationship then one is rich the other became poor from being filthy rich too then their families clash & there’s a super guy who happens to love the girl for so long thus he became the 3rd member of the love triangle. But it is funny and the kilig factor is always present. I like watching the Tagalized version too – Lulu’s voice is so soothing and she talks just like one of my friends. Kwela talaga.

I met up with my friend Dinercs last Friday. Thanks for the pasalubong dear. It has been more than a year since I last saw him and it was really great catching up with each other’s stories.

Mama went back to Bulan this afternoon, my house once again felt empty. I miss Ma a lot – no more home cooked meals until April. But I am excited cos she’ll be back with Pop and Jude-O.

And before I end this crap let me post Frou Frou’s words, it truly describes me on my post day dreaming status:

“Must be dreaming long, I don’t fall in love lawlessly, must be dreaming long, pinch me to waking”

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