Sunday, February 12, 2006

Bottled Feelings

A weekend full of feel good movies, the lovapalooza (no I was not there and believe me), the mood of people and the conversation I had with friends – LOVE is in the air.

I am typing this while watching Message in a Bottle for the nth time. I have just finished another film – The Locket. Last night it was Princess Diaries and Now That I Have You (yes with Bea & John Lloyd though I wasn’t able to finish it – too sleepy to do so) but I still couldn’t get enough, the LOVE thing doesn’t want to let go of me. It continued with the exchange of messages with my good friend Marco. Life and still things about love.

Why is it so easy in film and books? Why in real life it is always a tragedy? When I daydream I sometimes watch out for the pinch that would make me crawl back to reality. Still even though thinking about the good things in life I can’t help but think about the sad things that could happen. We have heard about all kinds of crap about taking the big risk – doing something about it so as not to regret anything in the end. But if things failed and you really regret about taking that big step, “it’s okay at least you have tried” won’t mend things. It won’t erase the pain and won’t put the shattered pieces back together. Yes you have learned something and that is not to make any of those risks before that you better shut your mouth or that it is best not to do something about anything – rules for the losers.

True we have choices but it’s all there for the show, we are still left without any choice. People would disagree I know cos these are just ramblings of a crazy bitter loser. It’s a mixture of controllable and uncontrollable circumstances (I borrowed the phrase from Marcoboy). The perfect blend of both should be achieved, now how do we do that? I don’t have a clue. Not a single one.

Life is sweet – yeah it is but where do I get the sugar?

I should have said yes to Marco’s crazy idea ;-) maybe going to the lovapalooza with him would have made a difference hehehe.

Advance happy vday to all.


... beachfreak said...

How I love the way you tackled this topic of, er, love *cough* *cough*


I know how it feels to ramble like a crazy bitter loser...

I am one. *sigh*

So much for fairy tales and happy endings.

Anne said...

hey rosey girl happy vday (i really wish it's a "happy" vday for you). yeah, i was drowning from love stories yesterday that i acted like a bitter loser again :)