Friday, April 15, 2005

the fountain of youth

i just thought i'd put a pic in here, since im still exploring this thing i have been experimenting a little. i am not that techie, things like this amazes me.

anyway it's friday and my friends are in galleria buzzing through job fairs. reminds me a lot of college days where cutting classes is a way of life (but not to be self righteous or whatever, i don't cut classes... I'M SERIOUS, you can even ask gabs ;)). my friends escaped from their jobs for the day to stroll, wish i could be with them.

mid-summer already, the beaches (& bitches) are calling me. arghhh!!! i should get a life.


Anonymous said...

nice pic :)

Anonymous said...

uhmmm, you know what... nah, i'll just email you :)