Saturday, April 30, 2005

Lil Jude

jude-o Posted by Hello

I cannot believe it! My 10 years old favorite nephew wants to be circumcised! Oh no! This is not possible... I have asked him to wait until I get home so that I can see how he is & how he handles this big thing.

He's growing up and oh so fast. The cute little boy with curly locks now wants to be a man. He has asked my Dad to allow him to undergo this thing & for a boy his age it would take guts.

This boy whom I have noticed to wipe his cheeks every time we kiss him now cannot wait to become a man. But although signs of maturity can be seen already in his young years he still remains to be sweet, never failed to tell me his "I love you" when I call.

How I wish I could witness this big leap in my nephew’s life. Oh well, I will always & forever be the stage tita.

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