Monday, April 25, 2005

Unconditional Jenny

I’d rather fight with you that make love to another woman.
-Nick Mercer, The Wedding Date-

Being sick for 2 days is tragic, makes me miss my Mom so much. Being sick makes you sick of boredom, hehehe, do I make sense? I am now home staring at the blank page of my laptop for the longest time scrambling my thoughts on what to write today but when finally the light bulb of my mind flashed brightly I figured out what I want to write about. My ramblings would evolve on my good friend Jenny.

You see Jenny is blessed with the capability, a unique and very special talent of loving. She is the epitome’ of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. A craft that we her friends find as something admirable but often the not too revolting.

The reason I am writing stuffs about my friend Jen is because I was able to have a very touching conversation with her just this week. Pouring your heart’s content to a friend is something I always do when I am down but it was the first time that Jenny thoroughly poured what she feels to me. We had chats and talks about this before but an in-depth one with tears involved is a different story. Yes with tears & believe it or not the tears were not just Jen’s it was mostly mine.

Jen’s love for someone is not really the “will melt you down” type, it is more of a “will crush your heart into pieces when hurt” kind of thing. It is the 1st Corinthians 13 sort of approach and I have never met someone in my years of existence a person who owns a heart like hers. I am not in the position to publish her story online but this folks is what I would like to leave to all, as Jen would put it, it’s not really martyrdom or dumbness that would lead you to stick to one person who have done you wrong. It is love and if you have it you’ll be able to find it in your heart to forgive the person. I am not saying that I agree with Jen 100% it is more of admiring the kind of love and endurance that she has. And to the lucky bastard, you do not deserve my friend… you’re very fortunate she loves you.

Here’s to you Jen, you’re a kick-ass girl and you can make it. You’re smart I know you’ll do the right thing. I’m here to back you up. Way to go girl!

PS: I have nothing against the “bastard” personally because I know that he is also a great person in his own way. But he can do better than this. Get a grip man & be man enough.

Until next time bloggers.

PPS: Have you ever experienced being totally pathetic by using something you don't own just to remember the scent of this one person you misses so much? I did, hehehe just this weekend ;p

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