Monday, July 17, 2006

Better Late Than Whatever

Last July 7 was Dines' 27th bday. I know this post may come very delayed (due to a great number of reasons... I'm busy, I can't upload the pics cos my card reader was with Penny, I was busy, I got busy again and I think I was still busy to the nth power). We gave her a surprise birthday celebration at Dianne's Alabang Hills home (which by the way was really homy, kudos to Dianne for a job well done on decorating her beautiful house). Dinah, thinking her friends abandoned her since her birthday fell on a Friday (everybody made plans without her was the press release) had a great time celebrating her first "adult" birthday party. Here are shots from last week:

The Birthday Girl

1. Jeng with my katokayo Joann 2. Decorations committee members Dolfo & Jen 3. in my party hat 4. group pic: Jen, Nina, Rhea, Jeng, Joann, Tess, Dines & Dianne 5. Jen near the pool (di kita yung pool sorry) 6. another group pic: Dolfo, Jeng, Moi, Nina, Rhea, Joann, Tess & Hubby, Dines, Dianne & Jen 6. The girls: Rhea, Dianne, Nina, Dines, Jeng, Joan, Moi & Jen 7. Dolfo & Jeng 8. Moi & sister Jen1. Birthday girl having fun, lots of booze grabe! 2. sleeping beauties 3. Jenny 4. dance number (Don't Cha by PCD) from the birthday girl

Also happy birthday (July 15) to my good friend Pen! Love yah!!!

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