Monday, July 03, 2006

Fever + Rising Temperature = HOT

“Do you have plans for tonight Tita Anne?”

Got that message from my good friend Dinah. Knowing the ever busy Dines, I thought she needs a friend to talk to because something happened. Told here nothing special was planned for that night (and of course I wanted to be there for her for whatever reasons she has - why she wanted to meet up). She asked me if I could go with her and watch Bench Fever, she got 2 tickets with good seats. Thinking it was a movie (Benchwarmers was the one I was thinking about), told her I’d be happy to go with her. She gave me the game plan (she’ll pick me up after office then we’re off to Makati, she’ll park the car there then we’ll catch the MRT going to Cubao) – I was lost why go to Cubao to watch a movie when both of us are working here in Alabang. Town Centre would be the perfect choice but when I reviewed her initial message, hmmm Bench Fever not warmers pala (I was actually confused cos I am aware that the movie was shown weeks ago and I doubt it if there are still cinemas screening it, with Superman invading all cinemas that week). Yikes, okay underwear and jeans fashion show pala.

Temperature’s rising (at ang daming bading!!!), we were sitting on a good spot not knowing what to expect. Then the show started, everybody went wild. At first Dines & I were just sitting there okay lots of models in their underwear so what? But when celebs we know emerged on the cat walk, we then found ourselves paying attention to the show. As in all eyes.

Special mention to my personal favorites who deserves wails & cheers & admiration (hehehe): Jake Cuenca, Zanjoe, Bianca King, Rafael Rosel, Francine Prieto, Ruffa Mae and Alex de Rossi. And the highlight of the show? Not Richard & Lucy (although they’re the finale) it’s Ai Ai and Keanna! Yep yep – these two paraded in their under wears.

Village People and Sister Sledge performed some of their hits and they entertained the crowd.

The show was really something. I will post the okay (wholesome lang) pictures from my camera phone soon (yes nakuhanan ko sila!!!).

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