Friday, July 07, 2006


Time of the year for Rockstar season 2 reality show. This year's contenders are all super but sadly somebody has to go home every week. Last night was the first epi and as early as episode 1, I already have my pick. Here are my best bets:

Toby Rand - Australia

My first pick although he's not all too rocker he has a connection with the audience, good pitch and nice bod (hehehe go go surfer dude!). His version of Bob Dylan's Knockin' on Heaven's Door is already a classic. He can be a hollywood movie star too with his looks & intensity. Way to go mate!

Dilana - USA/Africa

You guys should watch her performance! It is available at Rockstar Supernova's website. She gave Kurt Cobain some competition by performing Nirvana's great song Lithium. Her style was superb too, imagine just standing there then rocking on - she made Tommy Lee speechless.

Lukas Rossi - Canada

Reminds me a lot of punk rock guys like Simple Plan, My Chemical Romance & Blik 182. He performed Billy Idol's Rebel Yell & hell yeah he nailed it. Looks like a guy of great potential ang nice personality. He has been on the streets since he's a kid and I'm sure that made him grounded.

And for my fave look wise (yep not talent wise, but he's okay I guess or he wouldn't be a finalist out of 25,000 aspirants from all around the globe). Presenting:

Phil Ritchie - USA

He performed Living Colour's Cult of Personality from 1988 Vivid album hits (I did my homework, I researched). He's a hottie and although he looks like Zach Braff in this photo on TV he's really lean and not too much of a hardcore rocker in appearance. He has class and Tommy knows it he even commented that he's --(some rocker I wasn't able to get the name, I think Mick Jagger) who went to finishing school.

I went to the website early today and found out that Matt was already eliminated, I thought it's gonna be Chris, good for Chris he still has a shot to redeem himself.

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