Friday, July 28, 2006

In Contemplation

Alright, so I did under estimate myself big time and thanks to my loyal group of friends who yelled at me telling me things that made a great deal of sense. I was in a moment, a depressing moment that lingered sad to say. Then I saw horrible pictures of what is happening in Lebanon and the Nobel prize winner photo by Kevin Carter taken years ago.

I am working for a fundraising consultancy firm that is why terrifying pictures are no biggie to me, I’m used to it actually but what I saw recently totally broke my heart. I guess I still am lucky being able to feel no grave threat, no hunger and strife.
Guys please go to and be counted. Please pray for the civilians, they don’t deserve what they’re experiencing right now.
So I guess I really should count my blessings. And to Him, I am sorry I wasn’t thinking clearly. The gloomy weather affected my thoughts, don't worry it is all sunny today :) I will try my best to cheer up.

Happy weekend to all! Be safe, stay dry – it might rain this weekend.

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