Friday, June 16, 2006

Girls Who Matter

The Mother
Inay, Mom, Mama, Mommy or Nanay… the most important lady of his life. Of course you need to win the heart of this woman. With her as your back up will surely make a lot of things easier (hehehe most especially when you have her support all the time). Her opinions matters a lot that is why you need to gain her confidence (the fact you are nice would make all the difference – di na kailangang sumipsip).

The Sister
Like the Mom, she can be your worst enemy or your best friend. What she thinks matters too since she’s family. Learn the basic of bonding with ate, learn & try your best to like her, don’t fake it. Its better you stay away from her if you really don’t like her but once you have her on your side, things will be a lot lot more easier just like with the Mom ;)

The Favorite Aunt (if he has one)
Tulad ng kay Inay, he listens to Tita too that is why it is important to make the best impression when being introduced or being in the same proximity with her. Tita can make your life a living hell too if you’re not careful.

Girl Best Friend
He has this best girl bud, someone who’ll make you jealous sometimes at di naman nya or nila sinasadya. Somebody who is a threat because she really can be. She’s the person he consults when it comes to you. It is sometimes necessary to win her approval. You can hate her all you like but remember that she’s the girl that has the 99% chances of marrying him.

Girl Best Friend #2 (some has some don’t)
Same with Girl Best Friend #1 only she doesn’t have the same chances of ending up with your guy, she has 50% only (hehehe).

The Ex
Your worst enemy (she may or may not know it), learn the basic of making him feel that it is okay to talk about her (you have the guy now so don’t be afraid) but learn the loop on how you’ll find out if he is still into her. If he is, tell him how you feel about it. Things may not work out between the two of you but never ever let yourself be victimized by the ghost.

The Admirers
His groupies, colleagues who loves him, followers, supporters, fans (on some cases even guy friends can be a threat hehehe) etc., can be friends or just girls who knows him. Let people know that you’re not just the date but that you’re the steady girlfriend (not just a girl space friend). You don’t need to be proud, be yourself and you’ll be great. You’ll make them all realize that your guy is already hopelessly in love with you.

Why am I writing all about these stuff? Wala lang I just realized that I can be all of the above and in every situation there can be a winning glory or a good comeback (incase you mess up a little sister). I know that sometimes being confident is never enough; you need power to escape the clash. Given the worst scenario don’t give up ;) you can’t please everybody – don’t even attempt to, as long as he loves you winner ka pa rin!

And in this life I have -- the Moms want to adopt me, all the Titas adore me, the sisters love me and the friends like me. It’s those guys who don’t realize I am a girl who matters too or the girl who got away in the future:( , ha BEN? Di ba?

Ha ha ha!!!

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