Tuesday, June 27, 2006

CAMIGUIN - Island Born of Fire

Had a great weekend with my good friend Jen. We were in Cagayan de Oro last Friday for a meeting and since we're already in Mindanao why not go for a Camiguin adventure? Last year when we were in CDO we went to Iligan and Lanao del Norte instead of Camiguin and Bukidnon but last weekend Jen & I carried our belongings in an Amazing Race style then we're off to Camiguin.

It was my first time to go to Camiguin while it was Jen's 2nd time however she went there when she was 13, reason why we both feel like that it was our first trip to the majestic Island Born of Fire. Camiguin is really rich in history and nature. They have falls, hot & cold springs, diving haven, an island with white sand (called White Island), you'll feel awe in their Sunken Cemetery, Via Cruces and the walkway to the old volcano (Mt. Vulcan who's 1871 eruption caused the sinking of a great part of the island including the Sunken Cemetery area and the ruins of the old church).

Camiguin is really famous for it's diving spots (too bad we don't know how to scuba dive), famous for it's really yummy lanzones (too bad lanzones season starts every October), famous for it's pastel (the mouth melting buns with fillings) and famous for it's volcanoes - an Island surrounded with 5 volcanoes, Mt Hibok Hibok (hibok means "putok" or eruption of the volcano, this volcano is active and have erupted twice already, reason why it was called Hibok Hibok, in the occasion of a third eruption (may the Lord forbid) it might be called Hibok-hibok-hibok (just trying to be funny, I know I'm not). Then the Tres Marias volcano (locals called it the three sisters, a volcano with 3 craters) and lastly Mt. Vulcan (called Old Volcano - dormant now).

Majority of our pictures got corrupted (grrr) hopefully the files will be salvaged tonight if so more pictures will be posted soon.

For the detailed account of our Camiguin trip visit Jen's entry at Friendster blogs by clicking here.

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