Thursday, June 15, 2006

Pose-Aholic Luchie

They said I need a crash course in Posing 101. I’m sorry I’m not really fond of being the object one’s lens affection. I feel really conscious, more often than not you can find me half laughing and confused whether to laugh or just smile on pictures. I am not that photogenic too that is why I don’t like picture takings that much. But my aloofness with the camera didn’t stop my bestfriend Luchie from posing and dragging me into a model pictorial at The Splash. I was terrorized and victimized by this one pose-aholic lady.

PS: Miss you na Chie.

1 comment:

luchie said...

need you post all these crazy stuffs? hehehe. don't worry you still look good. luv yah. miss you too.