Monday, June 05, 2006

Random Thoughts

Hundred plus channels but still nothing good is on TV last Saturday. I’m in the mood for a social suicide, hmmm need to flip through videoke channel – cool, Barbara Streisand and Bryan Adams is on cue. Itching to get started with the imaginary microphone in tow, intro playing… “Finally found someone who knocks me off my feet, finally find the one who makes me feel complete. We started over coffee, we started out as friends. It’s funny how from simple things the best things begin”. As the song progressed my niece noticed that I know the correct lyrics more than the channel. Di ko naman masyadong favorite noh? And look! The sun is now shining, hah! Ikaw nang magka golden voice.

Had a real good time with good friends last night. My thanks to my very fun-reliable great friends.
Fafa Mark, naks may nalaman ako sayo kaw ha style mo talaga at wala akong masabi consistent ang type mo! Love yah, it was nice seeing you, muah!
Armabella (hate me for mentioning your real name), naks naman dadating pala si lovey dovey :)
Kitchay, I’m sooo happy for you!!! At excited na rin talaga na mag December na, I bet you’ll be the most beautiful bride ever.
Gina, gorgeous as always – bear in mind that you’re too perfect for him.
Wa-an!!! It was great seeing you friend sana naman dalas dalasan mo ang pagbaba d2 hehehe and nice meeting you Jen!
(Will post pics pag nag upload na si Kitch)

I just hate it when the word “soulmate” is being used time and time again. I also hate it when people feels unsure about such word however they still use it causing them to consider (or even actually tell) not just one person that they’re their soulmate. I have read somewhere before that the concept of soulmates arose from Greek mythology. According to the story, our ancestors once had 2 heads, 4 arms (scary hehehe). They did something to offend a god so that god punished them by splitting them down the middle, resulting in the creation of humans. As a punishment, we are condemned to spend our lives searching for the other half, our soulmate. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that a soulmate is connected to one in a romantic manner. A soulmate can be one’s father, son or a friend. But for me one thing is definitely sure, in a person’s life there will only be one soulmate. Now you mate read this, your soul will never be in harmony with mine until you figure it out yourself that you only have one soul, get it?

And here’s to you:
I sold half my soul, am I free to keep the other half?

I know you're trying to justify you say I am the one who's damned?
Well, free your wretched eyes hatred is blinding you, look at me now am I as damned as you?
What you need to know, you are free to lie
You sold half my soul and now you want the other half

And I know you're trying to justify, say I am the one to blame
Well, free your clouded mind your anger is deafening you look at me now, am I as dead as you?
(Stillness, Paramita)

Tsk tsk, God knows when you’ll be happy but until then deal with it.

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