Thursday, October 07, 2010


I was driving to work early this morning when the topic for the radio show I frequently listen to is to complete the sentence “I _________eat_______, I pray that _________ and I love________”. The topic was of course inspired by the book turned movie starring Julia Roberts, Eat Pray Love.

I have been dying to write news here for some time now, I had a birthday week, W & my bestfriend Luchie was in town and me and my boyps Mark & Yong are closer than ever. Of course there’s this celeb with my J girls and 2 get togethers with friend Jo (in 2 weeks we met twice, this is shocking knowing how busy he is). The bookfair, expos, John Mayer rainy concert, the preps and other stuff. I have a full schedule every week that I wasn’t able to jog anymore or watch the 1st 2 episodes of TARA 4 (I was able to watch the rerun of the 2nd epi though). Not that I’m complaining but I’m glad I am not stressed – yet.

Now the reason why I mentioned the Eat Pray Love fill in the blanks was because I had the same idea before. I wanted to write something, 3 paragraphs actually dealing with each subject, so here I go in my attempt to unleash the writer wannabe in me.

Sad to say I cannot discuss EAT in a very colourful and enticing manner. The actual topic for EAT is actually the NOT part as in I am not eating for the past 1 & a half week already. Me and my loyal dietmate Rovs is on our nth attempt at SBD. Our first SBD was really successful, it was 2 years ago our next attempts failed miserably and this time I can say we may not be that successful (again) on weight loss but it is working for us. So for the eating part I am not happy. How I miss to munch junk food and sweets. The rice I don’t miss that much but the bread! I see them every morning, the chocolates, I see them every night. But no pain no gain right? Plus it is not healthy so I am now anti-carbo loading, calories shoving and sugar infusion. I don’t know where this ambitious attempt to be healthy will take me but nevertheless there is no harm in trying.

I PRAY for a lot of things lately. I pray for my family, their safety and health. I pray for my job, my colleagues, my friends. And when I pray I thank the Lord for the blessings. But the thing I prayed hard for these past few days is for discernment, not over W because I know I’m sure but for the choices that we’re making. The Lord granted me a happy heart and I am truly grateful. I am humbled in saying that it was His will, we are just mere followers. I am continuously praying and hoping that everything will be for the best, every decision is for our happiness.

And LOVE, I love my life and the everyone in it! I just hope the good things never ends.

I am so excited to meet up with friends Rhei & Dines later today. I have this mini project to which I’ll be needing their help and talent. Also I am so thankful to this new egroup I joined, the members have been helping each other big time, as in going out of their ways to find each a better solution and suggestion to everything under the sun. I love the w@wies!

It’s almost the weekend. Bye bye for now but here are some photos from the past week that I would love to share:

don't mind the date, cam ata ni Zie ito - my girls @ the bday celeb, Isabelle Royale Oct 2-3, 2010 (Chu, Zie, Gabs, Sar, Gaux & Faye)

Barbs, Sar, Ronald, Chu, Gabs, Faye, Gaux & Zie

Yong, Chie & W

Bestfriends for life! Happy Bday to me ;)

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niQ said...

I joined W@W before but when they flooded my email with sooo many messages and threads, I had to un-member myself. Hehe. I contented myself with just reading their topics/threads. Pero malaking bagay yan esp. when it comes to scouting for the more affordable yet worthwhile suppliers.

Goodluck on the preps Anne! :)