Thursday, August 25, 2005

If Only It Were True

I was browsing yesterday at National Bookstore (I’m a Powerbooks girl but Nat’l is having a sale, might as well earn credits for my Laking National card hehehe) looking for the Must Love Dogs book that I must have and unfortunately the only book they have for that title has the movie cover. I don’t like books with movie covers (except for the LOTR books I have because Legolas is sooooooo, can’t find the words). Then I stumble upon this book entitled “If Only It Were True” by Mark Levy. It immediately caught my attention. I bought the book without having any second thoughts. Then just this morning I found out that the novel is now a movie starring Reese Witherspoon and Mark Ruffalo. The movie is entitled “Just Like Heaven”. I can’t comment on the movie yet cos’ it’ll be shown on Sept 16 pa, what I can just give now is the synopsis of the book:

It is a light, frothy tale of love conquering all, even a coma. Lauren Kline, a medical resident at San Francisco Memorial Hospital, is young, beautiful, and content with her life. Then a faulty steering mechanism in her old clunker of a car causes her to suffer head injuries in a shattering car accident. As she later explains, she could hear everything around her in the hospital recovery room, but could neither move, see, nor speak. She learns that she is languishing in a coma, having somehow survived being pronounced dead. Enter Arthur, an architect and partner in a restoration firm, who recently moved into an apartment and finds it comes equipped with an unexpected bonus-Lauren. Well, her spirit, anyway, since her body continues to reside in the very hospital in which she worked. She's not dead, so the apartment-dwelling Lauren is not actually a ghost, and she seems to have form and substance, but only Arthur can see and hear her. Readers learn that for months she has been psychically transporting her spirit all over the city until she finally comes back to her own apartment-now Arthur's. This feel-good story is an easy and engrossing read. – From YM

I am not yet done with the book, I will let you know what I think about it the soonest I’m done, perhaps on Monday.

Another book that really intrigued me and I'm still thinking if I should get one was the book that Oprah had in his rerun show last Tuesday, it’s “He’s Not That Into You”. I don’t know I just want to see what the book is all about. Hehehe.

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