Monday, August 29, 2005

Careful, Careful!!!

I was half way through REM when I heard my cell phone, I felt grumpy while picking it up because I forgot to silenced it again, my fault. Got this message from someone I don’t know & this was the exact exchange of messages:

09179733594: Hi..
Anne: hu r u?
09179733594: wer are u?
Anne: I askd u hu u r f u dnt want 2 answr gnyt then. Stop txting me.
09179733594: Lets @# it.. @ want $! (note: explicit language)
Anne: B careful wit wat u txt I hve frnds @ globe. U can hve prepaid sim but I can trace u. So fuck off!
09179733594: ok.. gud for u.
Anne: Go to hell! End ur lyf f u dnt hve anything meaningful 2 do. Ahole!

And I had the last say! Hehehe.

It was really mean of me to be telling that person nasty words but what was texted to me was really offensive. I don’t entertain missed sent messages but when I do once in a while it is only because I felt it was important, my phonebook got busted more than a couple of times already & I don’t want my friends to be feeling bad at me for deleting their numbers even though it wasn’t my fault. And I know my judgment failed me last night or was it after 12 am already? It was, indeed an ungodly hour.

Why am I writing this? To warn everybody with what we send online & via sms. Whatever you do can be traceable now, even the president for God’s sake was a victim of this. Even prepaid numbers, users might think they cannot be traced because they are not holding lines but folks, believe me you can be traced. The numbers you call often and those you text often can be seen from the log & those people can be contacted for info about you. Also, the series of last sms messages you sent can be traced & read as well. So from now on think about what you’ll gonna say first before messing it with someone.

So you 09179733594, If were you I’m gonna throw away this particular sim & just purchase a new one anyway a sim doesn’t cost a fortune now. Do it baby cos your number is on the world wide web already, you pervert!


... beachfreak said...

Hahaha! Sige lang! hayup yun ah. ganyan lang naman eh, kailangan you have to show who's boss ;)

Anne said...

oo noh! super nabwisit talaga ako pasalamat sya wala ako sa mood na i-track sya & i don't want to waste my time.