Saturday, August 27, 2005

Maid turned Photographer on the Loose

I cannot believe it! It's Saturday and at 7 am on the dot I am awake - blame it on my body clock, I would love to sleep some more that I closed my eyes once again only to find myself no longer interested in catching winks and dreams. I hate feeling like this cos it stresses me out, Saturday is supposed to be my rest day and when I rest I expect to wake up a little late. Waking at around 11 am on Saturdays or Sundays is one of my life's precious pleasures cos I don't get to do it consistently. Considering I had a late night sleep cos I finished reading If Only It Were True (Hooray! I'm done reading it) it will be really sweet if I was still in bed asleep around 9 am. But I have no choice, I decided to attak my house aroung 7:30... I was inspired by how thorough KC Concepcion can clean her little apartment in Paris. I was on full work gear scrubbing, dusting & mopping the floor. By 11 am my house is really sparkling clean made me proud of my cleaning accomplishment.

Next project, cleaning my closet & labelling the shoe boxes and bag protectors. Hehehe I didn't realize that cleaning & arranging at home can be this fun. I took my phone and lined up all my shoeses. Here's some of the pictures I took & my golly I didn't imagine I had a lot of shoes that I don't get to wear anymore simply because I have forgotten they exist.

Next the bags, rest muna ako I'll just do them later (hehehe tinatamad na ko in short).


I'm done with the book and what can I say? I won't over rate the book cos what I find nice in it will be something na mababaw for some. I'll just say that this is book that will make you smile in the end. The moment I put the book down, I cannot help but dream about Mark Ruffalo. Yes unfortunately the characters I have pictured in my mind were Mark & Reese. Ayoko sana but I can't help it. Oh well tapos na, I just hope the movie will give the book justice. Dun pala galing yung prose about TIME, the one we received in forwarded emails about "If you want to know the importance of a year, ask a student who failed, if you want to know the importance of a day, hours, minutes, seconds etc.".

Enjoy the rest of your weekend folks. Now for those who will be able to read this on Monday, Happy Monday!

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