Thursday, August 11, 2005

Rain Rain Go Away

...and don't comeback just yet.

I hate rainy days, when you are like me... a person who's eternally damned from walking on wet streets. A hardcore commuter and lastly a person being chased by colds & fast running noses (is there such a thing?) all the time. I entertain rainy days on Saturdays & Sundays only, when I can curl up in bed reading a good book or watching TV or DVD... just slacking off letting the day go by without having to take a bath (hehehe).

Charlie & the Chocolate Factory will bring out the kid in you. Okay naman sya, not really the standing ovation kind of thing pero ang galing ng versatility ni Johnny Depp. This is a movie that you would actually want to invest in, yung tipong bibili ka ng original DVD so that your kid when the time he/she can understand movies na eh can watch it with you. I find Charlie really charming, sabagay Finding Neverland pa lang naman the little guy is so promising na.

I know my feedback were uncalled for plus the fact that it's the 2nd week of that movie already, sorry kakanood ko lang with my movie partner in crime. Anyway nakay Tim Burton na lang rin ang usapan I noticed that Tim's movies include Helena Bonham Carter most of the time, is she married to Tim? O tsismis di ba? Chika Minute! Also dear Joel I looked it up on the net, Boogie Nights is not a Burton film. You see Jo & I were talking about Tim Burton's other movies and Boogie Nights was mentioned, I didn't agree. Burton's movies were more on the fantasy side at favorite nya si Johnny Depp. What else? Hmm wala na.

I have two new quotes that I find really useful in life, or afterlife whatever. Here it is:

"When we are inlove or we think we are inlove we do things to ensure good breeding, to ensure a fuck, we are just stupid organisms. We don't even know what we are fucking about"
- Joe, Enduring Love-

"Jobs, totally mystifies me. Can you believe people actually accepts them? It's like you work all day, people tell you what to do all day long and then on top of taking shit all day, they can fire you"
-Richard, Criminal-

My tuninonino is out of town, hay naulan. Uwi ka na!

Black and Joel got me into to thinking about the connection between them and driving. And on driving I remembered Jerold's words yesterday, he asked me if I drive (question asked while he was driving going to ATC and I'm on the passenger's seat). I said I don't know how to, he said it's okay just let your boyfriend drive you to & from places you wanna go. I asked, are you pertaining to a boyfriend or a driver? Sabi nya what's the difference? Oo nga no? Hehehe. Wala lang made me think about crazy things.

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