Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Nice title noh? Wala lang, nothing to do with the title or siguro a little about it.

It's about telepathy, past love and second chances (kaya?). I'm just glad that forces like this still surrounds this cruel world we live in. Makes people happy, okay I admit I feel good, nakakataba ng puso the feeling of warmth & fuzziness all over (STOP, okay exagg sorry po). Ayan tuloy I can't stop thinking about a lot of things na. I'm walking down memory lane. How would it feel living in New York? I hope I’ll find out soon or in the future as in first person description.

Not a typical Sandler movie, this is something that makes the heart swell with pride and love for people judged all the time, discriminated and those who were always the underdogs. I practically love Adam kahit his comedy were quite predictable but this I like the best (I lied I love 50 First Dates). This movie reminds me of the Christmas animation he has I saw it but I forgot the title. Ah! Eight Crazy Nights, ayun tama. Anyway I like Adam, adore him, love him (smiling sheepishly). He would always be a prick but in the end it was really innate that he’s good I mean great. This movie also made me feel special about having a lot of good friends. Paul Crewe doesn’t have a lot of them in the beginning but he earned good ones in the end. Hay, enough mapapanaginipan ko na naman sya.

I have the Must Love Dogs book now, it’s not the movie cover thank God! I’m planning to read it later I just wish that Kevin won’t demand my attention. He took the bar exam already yippee! I hope he pass it.

Guys, SHMINGLES was featured on the Cosmo Magazine latest issue, the one with Cindy Kurleto on the cover. Marco phoned me a while ago on this. Congrats dear!

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