Monday, August 22, 2005

Let Me Cater To You

"I Want To Give You My Breath, My Strength, My Will To Be HereThat's The Least I Can Do,Let Me Cater To YouThrough The Good (Good)The Bad (Through The Bad)The Ups And Downs (Ups And Downs)I'll Still Be Here For YouLet Me Cater To YouCause You're Beautiful (You're Beautiful)I Love The Way You Are (You Are)Fulfill Your Every Desire (Desire)Your Wish Is My Command (Command)I Want To Cater To My ManYour Heart (Your Heart)So Pure Your Love Shines Through(Shines Through)The Darkness We'll Get Through (So Much)So Much Of Me Is You (Is You)I Want To Cater To My Man"
~ Cater To You, Destiny's Child~

I was able to think this weekend and I finished coming up with my wish list, yes it’s here :-), I posted it on the sidebar para di naman masyadong obvious hehehe. Thanks to those na nagcommit already. Anyway I was amazed with how Greenhills looks like now, sabagay years ago pa when I last went there, extudyante pa ako that was like 5 years ago already. Aside form the tianges (which by the way is super pare-pareho lang and the price is not really that low anymore) posh restaurants and cinemas made it the new tambayan. I just wish they’ll be able to maintain the niceness and security of the place.

I’m not vain or whatsoever but then I was bored last Saturday, I was drying my hair waiting for Joey to pick me up (eh late sya kaya to make the most out of my time kahit antok pa ko I decided to blow dry my hair – something I don’t really do & my friends know it hehehe) then voila I decided to take my pictures. My mind is pouring out ideas for the photo shoot, too bad ako lang tao sa bahay I don’t have a good subject nearby. I have no choice but be the subject of my masterpiece, cencia na if I’ll post it here. I miss my photography days, aliw prof naming dun

& well my group is always the highest kakasawa na nga A+ during those times. We don’t need to make sipsip to Sir Jay cos what we have is pure talent (hehehe). I just hope mahanap ko na yung portfolio namin, I was the one who took it for safekeeping and unfortunately it was kept alright but I am not sure if it’s safe. Andun pa naman yung tub pictorial baka kumalat sa internet!!! Oh no! Forgive me na lang Gabs & Myra if that happen kase yours were the sexiest photos in the bunch hehehe.

I got engaged last Saturday!

I remember when I was in high school when I would set my eyes on the cool rings that they have on window displays at different jewelry stores. I really want a ring it’ll look good on me I’m sure. Days months & years passed by I still don’t have the ring, too scared to try one on. Even Raffy knows when he asked me to marry him (mahabang kwento & its funny next time na lang) that I want an engagement ring. Hehehe. Anyway last Saturday at Galleria I am not really thinking about the ring or being engage whatsoever. It came at a time that it wasn’t even on my mind, it took me by surprise – the shop’s name: GIRL SHOPPE! They have the craziest and coolest TOE RINGS I have set my eyes on. I decided that it’s time & I am ready for one, hehehe. I have been planning on having one ever since time immemorial and now I have one. I decided my toes needs to be engaged not in the future not soon but that day! My ring toe is now engaged ;-).


Jenny said...

At may pa-wind blown effect pa. Iba talaga nagagawa ng boredom oo. Ganda!

Anne said...

hehehe oo sister, tingnan mo ikaw nakakapag tai-chi ka pag bored ka, ako nagkakaron ng instant photo shoot!!!