Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Marco Lacoste hindi Polo

Alas tres pa lang and Marco was bugging me on where and what we should eat for dinner. Some friend I have ibang klase oo, he actually have the place and what we should order on top of his head already. What we will order (YES, WE, dinamay na ako he will order for me in other words) is a choice between something crabmeat whatever or chicken teriyaki. He is all ready to order, too bad he’s still miles away from Glorietta and my oh my past 3 pm pa lang.

I remember how Marco & I became friends, we were introduced by a common friend (Ian who happens to be the husband of my good friend Vines), we were suppose to go out like blind date only I was not comfortable with things like that. It turned out that Marco and I have a lot of things in common especially sa music. Our minds orbit the same axis that there was a time that I could already read his mind. We talk about anything and everything and we both love The Practice. Alala ko nun he would ask me to retell the episode when he would miss one and I do the same when I miss an episode as well. We watch the same show and we would text each other pa about what we think of the line, character and the whole show itself. Girl Friday ako ni Marco, alalay in short. We would scout Greenbelt 3 area for a possible date location. He would pass by our building in Makati (when I used to work there pa) and would kidnap me to accompany him sa Starbucks Standard Chartered for his merienda.

Dami ko na palang adventures and misadventures with Marco, we went to Donsol together, backpackers hehehe. Nabangga pa kame twice when he was driving my Dad’s car sa Bicol. He’s like a brother cos he feels so at home with me and my parents. We went to Sagada and boy we had the time of our lives. We are planning our next expedition already, he wants to go to Pinatubo and Sagada again while I am still thinking of a place more beautiful than what he has in mind.

And nga pala soon to be business partners kame nitong friend ko, hopefully I’ll be able to come up na with the perfect concept for the spin off.

Siya ang taong mahilig sa Lacoste (pati pambahay na damit). Guardian angel ko yan – he feels it when I’m sad, may mga times pa nga na parang bata yan galit sa taong kinaiinisan ko. Ako inis pa lang sya galit na. Mahilig syang magbigay ng CDs na kinompile nya at wala pa man ang Drop N’ Harmony eh feeling ko may tickets na kami dapat. The only thing I could influence him aside from music na lang is to read good books at mukhang di pa ko successful. He reads one book a year. 2 years ago it was “The Little Prince” last year it was “Tuesdays with Morrie”. He was about to have his 2nd book for 2004 tinamad pa. He pertains to the book “To Kill a Mocking Bird” as “To Kill a Humming Bird”. Ayos talaga.

Okay magsisix pm na. I’m sure Marco’s tummy is growling na. Gotta go na pala, mangungulit lang yun pag late ako.

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