Friday, August 05, 2005

And I'm Back in the Game

Yes I am. I used to steal Carrie's line that "I was once a party girl". Goodbye to that line, for now cos' I'm back.

Reasons to celebrate:

Onats & Gabs birthdays and their parties … Bellisima Fort Bonifacio & Government Bar at Makati.
Happy Birthday to my favorite uncle, Tyong Roger!!! May you have many more birthdays to come.
Fingers crossed that my Ma’s radio active treatment will be A-okay in the next few months.
Hooray! A birthday celeb next month with my parents around.
A buyer for the phone, ganda nun Arma dear you will not regret doing business with me (*wink wink*).
Good buys, I missed Quiapo & Divisoria that visiting them while I was on leave was a major happening.
A visit to my alma mater UST, a lot of things changed already but the spirit of belonging is always there.

QUIAPO is to DVD while Divisoria is to anything
I got bored waiting for my Ma’s doctor last Tuesday that I decided to go to Quiapo muna to buy dvds. I so was excited cos it has been a while when I last went to the piracy capital of Manila. Apart from witnessing Christine Jacob’s mobile kusina show shooting in front of the Quiapo church, to my dismay, Arlegui St. was raided 2 days ago (daw). DVDs did not exist on that crazy street, not even one – the shops were closed. I was really disappointed with my spirits really down. I decided to go to San Beda instead to follow up my grades (na ubod ng tagal i-release). While walking feeling down & lost (ikaw ba naman ano mapifeel o when you are so looking forward to lounge on your sofa at home gluing your eyes to the movies you’re watching cos you were able to buy lots of DVDs) waiting for a jeep na papunta ng Mendiola, I saw a woman with a cart loaded with DVDs!!! O di ba? Set aside muna ang law school, I ditched my plan to go to Beda and you know what happened next, I was busy looking at the titles, I don’t care kung may pulis, screw them! I was able to buy 6 new DVDs including Fever Pitch & The Machinist.
The next day was DV day, you know what to expect, traffic, people & bargains. Splurge naman kami ni Mama on the clothes & trinkets. As always ang nanay ko bumili mg sandamukal na house dress, may collection kase ng “duster” and nanay ko FYI. I made a survey on what to buy for my friends this Christmas, I am so happy that I now know what to give the ladies. Boys na lang iisipan ko.

To be continued…

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