Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Must Have The Book

I really must have it, I’m going to add it to my list of wishes hehehe but can I wait ‘til my birthday for this? Argh! The movie is so bitin! They could have made it better, the lines are really nice, funny sya & it’s a movie that really entertains. Kaso I dunno di naman ako nakatulog the next thing I know tapos na sya. It was pretty bizaare cos I have read a lot of bad reviews about this movie, baka yun na nga yun. The lines are really interesting, pang natural na taong hirit lang, nothing really deep that would make you think. Everything is laid in layman’s term, easy to understand no tricks no mind boggling riddles and all. The movie you should watch when your head is aching. Di ka na pag iisipin. Plus my honey Dermont is in the cast kahit di maganda role nya. I'm hoping that the book is wackier than the movie that is why I MUST HAVE IT!

Anyway, I’m so sleepy but I am glad cos one of my bestest friend Myra called me up this morning while I was taking a bath at kwentuhan galore ito. I missed her terribly & it was really nice to hear from her. Myra!!! Uwi ka na!!! And do not forget to send my HP okay? Send me the ticket na rin para maampon mo na ko dyan. This is a special shout out for your cos I know you read this regularly :-)

My friend Vina will be giving birth to a new baby this coming 25th, as always I'm excited for her, she is

Hehehe, I'm so addicted to these blinkies kakatuwa. Although the perfect blinky to describe me today is this one.

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