Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Gabs & Ziella - my 2 great friends

I was really touched with what my friend Gabs said on her blog at friendster today. Wala lang miss ko na mga girls ko, at dahil dyan I'm going to meet up with Zie & hopefully Gabs later. Click the link below for Gabs' page: http://thegiftofgab.blogs.friendster.com/my_blog/2005/08/this_and_that.html

Yan tuloy nabungkal ko picture naming 3 when we went to our Pagsanjan expedition 2 years ago. I will never forget that vacation, secrets & tears were spilled during that particular getaway. Some pics were from Vine's wedding.


gift of gab said...

this is really nice.. have to agree, miss hanging out with you guys and do the things we used to do.. well, i know we still see each other often but college days were a lot different :).. I love the pics!! i was like 15 pounds less then!! hmmph!! just makes me realize all the more how fat i am now :(

Anne said...

hey gaby enjoy your blogging okay? i will visit you site don't worry.