Friday, September 30, 2005


For the wonderful HP 6 Book love yah!


Jenny, Pen and I are laughing real hard over our dream weddings. Jen’s & my wedding will be next year, yes you’re reading this right, we’ll be married next year – still figuring out who the lucky grooms are but we made a pact that it’ll definitely happen next year. Jen’s wedding will happen in June while I have until December of next year to make a perfect plan on how to snag a groom. Jen has a groom in mind already while I have, let say a couple of friends to chose from (yun nga lang they don’t know they’ll be married to me next year hehehe). Since both of us are in the waiting & pakiramdaman process we agreed on making a quasi-Ad of the candidates:

Straight Guy
Mid to Late 20s, early 30s welcome din

With Pleasing Personality & Good Genes (cos ours are guaranteed good hehehe)
At least with a Bachelor’s Degree
With a job receiving a monthly salary of above the current minimum wage rate (Metro Manila Standards, if Provincial Rate it should be way above minimum wage)
No Criminal Record
With residence or is willing to reside in Southern Metro Manila (cos I don’t have plans of relocating except if it’s abroad with the exception of the Middle Eastern Countries… again I am speaking for myself only Jenny has other plans hehehe she’s willing to live in Manila & other places way up North)

Interested parties must immediately contact Jenny or me for the screening ;-)

As we stumble across other characteristics or criteria that we would require it would definitely be posted in this tabloid.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Some Good Things Never Last...

Others Don't Even Start, the ironies in life.

It was like me walking again in a familiar warp zone. It was like reminiscing the pain and coldness of having an empty feeling. Only this time I was just listening, it wasn’t me but still you can empathize with the pain. You want to say you understand cos you’ve been through that and hell. And that moving on is a sweet revenge in the process. But who would I kid here? Mine is a ratio of 0.00001 to 1 of what they went through in matters of the heart. The fact that I love both of them very much that I cannot choose sides is hard.

This is one of the moments when I can only wish that I hope I didn’t grow up. I miss the days when I don’t have to worry about anything as grave as this, when all I could worry about is what game to play after taking a nap or what TV show to watch. Gone are the days when you can get away with anything, our parents guaranteed a safe life… free from pain & sufferings. I remembered when my Mom is really mad at people who cause us anxiety she would always mouth the words that she didn’t raise me my sister & brother so that people can make our hearts bleed. When we grew up we long for the security that our parents gave us thus making us enter relationships that we thought would shelter us from harm. It was not in the plan that our hearts will be broken in the process. Lucky for those who did not went through trials like this but for the likes of me & my friend we can only wish for the end of things. Although I am a firm believer of happy endings I can’t stop thinking that it only happen to a good little part of the whole population, will we be counted on that race? The inevitable is yet to happen.

Having a good cry releases a small part of the pain. But hearing one person cry to you over the phone is breaking my heart in two. I can’t go on listening to women weeping cos I know how it feels. If I can only do something about this thing happening to you my friend (you know who you are) you know I would do it without a doubt, anything in my power that’s how important you are to me cos you are one of my bestest friend. But the truth is that I am just as helpless as you are. Who am I to fix your love life when mine lays in shambles as well?

I want to be a little girl again, I want to just climb trees, sway on swings, run non-stop until my feet hurts and stop only when I scrape off my knees. Or since I am now a grown up, I wish I could fly – away from this complicated and cruel world we live in. The saddest part of life is that there is no escaping this reality that what we sow we shall reap. But my mind is telling me that sometimes bad things happen to good people, anyone who would care to explain why? I don’t know which to believe anymore – that there is a rainbow after the rain or that this life is made up of unending obstacles to make one miserable.

And now all I could do is double, triple and even multiply my sigh.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Sentimental Eklat

I can’t believe I ran out of luck when I last went to Quiapo to buy DVDs. I usually get the new ones although cinema copies but are actually good ones. But when I last bought DVDs in Arlegui, 2 out of 9 DVDs I bought were frustrating – Cinderella Man and Brothers Grimm. Another thing that frustrates me is when finally I’ll be able to watch Cinderella Man at a movie house with Jo, grrrr – the movies being screened changed already kainis Wednesday nga pala. What now? Wala nang magandang palabas, sayang. Everyone I know who have watched Cinderella Man pa naman and they kept on raving about it.

I have this thermo flask that went flying on the ground causing it to chip its bottom part but is still usable except for the broken part. I cannot get myself to replace it even though I still have a spare one at home. Call it sentimental value, call it pagka-basurera. I just remembered it was given to me by a special lady whom I have known for a short while only but that doesn’t stopped her from giving me a Christmas gift. How often in our lives do we have this kind of person who have been a part of us the poof! They’re gone. Not gone as in dead just gone meaning out of your life. It saddens me that I have of more than a couple of friends, acquaintance whom I would really love to keep in my life but due to an avoidable turn of events they’re not my friends anymore. Why am I blabbing about this? I was staring at my flask due to boredom, hay.

I love DC’s song “IF” wala lang here’s the lyrics I am just sharing it esp to those who were ignored in the past then sudden change of events the one misses you na, sigh:

If I don’t pick up the phone like I used to (for you)

don’t you take it personal
If I don’t do all the things that I used to do (to you)
I aint mad at you
If you get to feeling stressed up in your chest
thinking that you about to lose (baby its true)
and if you losing out on sleep on worrying about me this how it be
If you don’t know
now you know you’re gonna miss (my love)
and I aint stressing bout a dog gone thing
cause I was true when I gave you (my love)
if you search you will never find another love like ( my love)
you’re gonna miss me
I aint got time while you sit around and play with my (my love)
If you think I caught a feeling
when I heard about that other chick (no)
I already knew about it I just needed time
just to clear my mind and ask myself
(why I didn’t handle him)
If you would’ve taken care of home
instead of leaving me alone
(I) still would be right there with you
taking care of you instead of loving you
like I used to doIf you don’t know
Now you know you’re gonna miss (my love)
and I aint stressing bout a dog gone thing
cause I was true when I gave you (my love)
If you search you will never find another love like (my love)
you’re gonna miss me
I aint got time while you sit around and play with my (my love)
There once was a timeI blamed myself for what was wrong
(I can see so clearly now because you are gone)
That’s how I spent all my time when you weren’t home
(playin around with them raggedy heffers)
there’ll be no more stressing
no more crying no more trying
I would rather be alone
(I'd rather be all by myself yeah)
cause this valuable heart of mine
was yours until I realized finally opened my eyes
You see ladiesI know I know better
what was I thinking?he gonna miss me when I'm gone
If you don’t knownow you know you’re gonna miss (my love)
and I aint stressing bout a dog gone thing
cause I was true when I gave you (my love)
If you search you will never find another love like (my love)
you’re gonna miss me
I aint got time while you sit around and play with my (my love)

Arghhh! My head hurts like hell, I wanna go home now!!!

Monday, September 26, 2005

My Legendary Life

I have this feeling of like I have been gone forever. It was nice having a vacation, although I wasn’t home most of the time I’m not at work – it was worth it. I’d rather be out than endure the pain of watching either 1.) Sponge Bob the movie or 2.) Jollibee Alphabet, Numbers & Shape VCD if not it’ll be an endless sobbing & shouting spree from a cute little devil. It was torture, arghhh! My little niece for a week can’t get enough of those 2 discs. I can still hear “I’m ready, promotion” and “jolly-jollibee” over & over ringing to my ears – so much for an LSS. I am now convinced, Shaider, Josie and the Pussycats were not lying – it is possible. Kids brains are now being tampered by Puma Lear & Fiona. The episode is now being refreshed in my mind, “Tayo nang mag boggie wag nang mag aral” and the effects of “Fiona is cool” is no doubt contagious. Now it’s Sponge Bob, Patrick & the rest of the crew with Jollibee and Hetty poisoning these little kids’ minds. But still, it was a great week hehehehe; I enjoyed spending time with my Ma & my sister.

After days of munching on Boy Bawang, ensaimada, cheese rolls, mango float and drowning on Coke and Orange juice, I cannot blame my sister. Plus the fact that for a week I did one session of Tae-Bo and no more after that, I feel bloated. But who cares? Eating is fun hehehe, worry about things later… life is short do the things you enjoy doing.

Question: If you were to choose between two feelings, grief or nothingness?
Score so far: Grief I (Anne) Nothingness I (Marco) – we need a tie breaker

I stopped ageing at 21, yes I do have birthdays but I am still 21. It was the time when I became an adult and stopped being a child. Now if you ask me how old I am when I had my birthday last week, with a smile I’ll say… I turned 21 do you have a problem with that? I just have this feeling that things didn’t change since then. Must be because I am out of school, no more year level to progress on to. Or must be because that was the year after I started working and now I am still doing the same – working that is. Life can be mysterious sometimes but most of the time it is there to make you suffer (half meant). The enigma and uncertainty is unchanged.

Segue 2: My Legendary Boylet – weird as ever. He’s my Napoleon Dynamite. I just wish he can dance like Napoleon.

I spent the weekend blabbing non-stop about how beautiful Beyonce’ was at their Cater to You video but Kelly is my favorite D-child. Thanks to Jenny & Pen – the CD came along with a bonus DVD, I love it I love it.

Now the Red Eye, I dunno if I’ll be relieved or what when I realized that this movie is not a horror flick. Okay I admit I though it was – I saw the preview and if I am not hallucinating I swear I saw Cilian Murphy’s one eye glimmered red hehehe. The movie is okay, pwede na.

I’ll fix this site soon, it’s not my bday anymore and Oct is now around the pavement.

Can’t stop thinking about Billy, I am in love (as always – to him). I was flipping through channels late last night when I came across Rockola featuring the roots of Smashing Pumpkins.

As always, walang unified thought – that’s me & my life.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Merci, Grazie, Thanks and Salamat

It was indeed one memorable birthday, although I spent most of it at UST hospital, it was worth it. Thanks to my family - Pa, Ma, my bro & sister, my nephews & nieces. I love you all!!!

(Picture taken during the birthday dinner at Saisaki/Dads Restaurant with Ma, Ate, Meng & Belay)

Merci to:

Joel – who greeted me in advance, says he wants to be the first to greet kaya 11:45 pa lang bday ko na daw
Mark – technically the first greeter kaso pagbigyan si Jo :)
Tonie – thanks for the message & for calling!
Luchie – my bestfriend who didn’t miss greeting me more than a decade now & approaching the next, thanks sweetie

Thanks to the the following for the greetings:

Opal, Kuya, Yong, Liezl, Gene, Jerome, Saree, Nicole, Tita Eden, Edward, Moises (may kasama pang intriga, looking forward to the kwento you’re telling my dear friend), Cris, Pen, Jenny, Marco, Dondon, Ate Lhed, Ate Joy, Jing, Onats, Arma, Ate Jinkee, Lawrence Earl Roy, Ziella, Mike, Gabs and to my other friends who greeted kaso numbers lang nag register I’m so sorry cos my phone book got busted your numbers were erased dearies.

Grazie to:

Dinercs, thanks for the call miss you na po!
Jonal, thanks you were the last caller - nakahabol
Betong – kaw ang highlight! I’m so touched… yep few words that were written, kahit belated it was short & sweet. Miss you all too :)

To my friends Gracious, Joey, Reina, Ryah, Kitchie, Lorry, JohnSalamat for the ym messages/emails/comment sa blog.

And sa mga gifts, thanks guys!!!

Monday, September 19, 2005

Surprise No. 1

I was surprised this afternoon by my long time friends Dinah & Jeng. My hermanas conspired with another sister of mine. Jenny knew all along that we would have visitors at lunch today, Dinah & Jeng arrived while we were eating and they have with them my favorite cake (choco mousse) & candles. It is not yet my birthday, well not after today hehehe. Thanks sisters for the surprise, na-touched ako huhuuhu.

Jodeliza Ysobelle

my lovely baby niece :-)

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Taking Back Saturday

I was contemplating on the lingering feeling of being lost and frustrated while listening to Straylight Run and Taking Back Sunday. I was able to download a good number of tracks from their various albums. I paraded the cds to my niece who seems not so impressed, she even told me “mas okay Dashboard Confessional dyan Tita”. That I have to find out. As of now I’m still happy listening to The Waiting Process of Taking Back Sunday.

While lounging at home since its Saturday I debated whether going to Megamall would be wise. Since I just splurge on a lot of cash over books (as a gift to myself I bought 5 paperbacks) Megamall doesn’t appeal that much to me even though I need to go there on an errand. I was busy lamenting over indecision while reading. Little did I know that the clock was ticking twice its usual speed. The next thing I know it’s too late to go to Edsa and I am not really in the mood. The outcome of my indecisiveness is the book I am reading, I almost finished it.

On the account of books, I bought myself a little gift, I bought all three books of Mike Gayle, Then this new one “My Red Shoes” and lastly the book “The Devil Wears Prada”. I bought them cos all books guaranteed a good laugh. Well, I am yet to find out if all of these books were worth it but I am happy. I was busy labeling and covering the books when my niece was possessed with a photographer’s spirit. The after that we watched the original “The Exorcist” movie, the one with Linda Blair. I was mimicking Linda Blair when she went downstairs upside down using both her feet and her hands – hehehe my niece was threatening me that she’d scream. Boy I had a hard time stopping myself from laughing. Actually the movie didn’t frighten me. It was actually the test done to Linda Blair aka Regan at the hospital in an attempt to know what’s wrong with her. There was this scene when a needle was stuck to her neck splashing blood, argh! The scene made ma nauseous.

This morning was AJ’s birthday celebration at Jollibee Metro Park. It was a brunch we went there early so that we can escape early as well hehehe eat & run – my kind of life. Here are some pictures from the party. Thanks to Bambi & Rolly, AJ’s proud parents. And to Alexa Juliana, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEARIE!

Sunday afternoon, tomorrow’s another work day – start of the week. I can’t wait for Ma & Ate to arrive later. What I want to do now is rewind the days & take back Saturday. I can’t wait for the weekend now that it’s already almost over.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Theme Park Lover

I have always been a theme park freak. Yes, I love rides – roller coasters, flying fiestas, cable cars and a lot more. I believe it’s this little child within me that go crazy over things like this. I always suggest Enchanted Kingdom as venue for our annual Christmas party (to which all of them opposes except for Joey who backed me up once). Pinapatulan ko pati Boom na Boom & Star City. I am really a sucker for theme parks I guess, I don’t get tired of Enchanted Kingdom even though the rides & attractions have always been the same since the first time I went there but still it doesn’t stop me from going. And today, the greatest news was uncovered. We’re going to HK DISNEYLAND! I am like OMG! Disneyland and Ocean Park! I thought I would be able to visit it next year pa, I need to save more money but a gift was given to us. Papa Phil approved this out of the country outing. Yipee!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Enlighten Me Girls

Dazed yep perfect adjective to what I feel. Dazed, in limbo, bemused, and floating – I wasn’t able to sleep well last night. At around 11 or a little later than that I swear I have been in deep slumber then at around 2:30 I was woken up by an unidentified force. I have been tossing & turning for more than an hour when I decided to read the book lying beside me (I was able to finish it – The Broker by John Grisham), I was in deep concentration when my phone rang around 4 am I think. It was Opal, an old friend who is now in New York. He just got off from work, took a bus happened to pass by a convenient store, bought a phone card then decide that he’ll call me up. It was sweet of him to be calling me, good thing I’m still awake. Anyway we talked up until he used up his phone card which lasted for an hour. What have we talked about? Hmm, lemme think… the past, common friends, family, future plans, how we look now since we haven’t seen each other for I think 2 years or more, movies, Broadway musicals etc. A wide array of topics was covered. We also talked about past relationships & current ones (for him)… I guess he always want to be up to date with my non-existent love life. I guess it has always been the case, people I know especially my friends always ask me that question and as I turn another year older next week, the answer has always been a template – nada. Not that I’m complaining cos I guess I’m at my best being single but I am tired of the question for some reason that I am not really looking for one. It’ll come I’m sure – at a time I least expect. This made me think about what Don asked me last night as well:

Who do you prefer, a person you love or a person who loves you?

My answer (and he accused me of always being on the safe side although he thinks I have a good answer), verbatim pa to “I honestly think that it would be best to pick the one who loves you more cos I don’t want to stress myself running after a person, I believe I’m worth the chase kahit papano. I’m sure when I say this cos I’m not the type of person who goes around looking for trouble. Even if I don’t love the person, rest assured that I’ll be faithful”. Am I convinced with this answer? What do you think? I don’t know I am not sure I think I just answered it hypothetically.

In this world we live in, to which category does one fall majority speaking? Jenny I know you will read this, so as Myra, Gabs, Gracious & whoever else (shout outs to Rosey too). Let me know what you think and no in between answers okay? Yoko ng vague answers. Hehehe.

When I finished talking to Opal, it was like a movie. The scenes changed, from a dark room with my reading light on, I glanced at the window and saw the grayish shinning sky although not that bright cos it was raining. It was raining heavily in New York too. Opal said "hay andyan ka andito ako". Yep we're worlds apart, with a 12 hours difference. But thanks for calling and don't babe - babe me!!! Hehehe, if you happen to stumble across this page, smile okay?

And before I forgot, happy birthday to my inaanak Cedric Winter Corporal Cruz. Happy birthday Chasey, Tita Ninang loves you!!!

and lastly thanks to Julius for greeting me in advance.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Get Ready With Your Popcorn, Chips & Drinks

I have laid my back on the movies I have seen in the last weeks, partly because I think I write too much about what I have read and watched that it is becoming too boring. I admit this site is boring but it is turning to be super doper boring. Can’t blame the readers if they agree, I even bore myself to death so I can’t say you don’t feel the same. Here I am staring into the blank space thinking of how the hell I can bore you as always. Then this light bulb on the top of my head blinked (not that bright I should I say cos of it’s intention to save on energy HAHA! What a lame joke!). I can write about these movies and my personal insights in all its yucky glory. So here it goes:

Teen chick flick, but it doesn’t stop me from buying the DVD. What I think about this is that it makes your teen age child inside wants to purchase a brand new Levi’s jeans then make it a work of art, decorate it before parading it. What the heck am I talking about? Anyway, good movie for teens they can evaluate the lessons the have received from their not so young & not that old life. It’s a story of friendship and of course story of the miraculous pants. My own story, if the Jologs decided to buy one pants that can “miraculously” fit all of us, a trip to the mall won’t be necessary. As we all agreed, Ziella will just shop for this pair of jeans without us. All we have to do is prepare or belts and tons of safety pins. Love you Zie! Peace out!

I know I know this is an old movie, what do you care? I have seen this just this month!!! Don loves this movie that I remembered he said I should watch it. He tried looking all over for a video copy and his efforts were fruitless. I have seen it and yes it is good. My sister loves this movie also. Johnny Depp as always did a good acting job. He’s good with being weird but you know what’s cool with Tim Burton’s movie is that it always has a good moral lesson in the end. It’s a dark fairy tale.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! I am not the type of person who gets easily scared, actually horror movies and suspense don’t make me chill with fear. But this one in all its gory details made me scream, jump and peek at my fingers while the blood spurts. It’s super disgusting. Nakakagulat lang talaga.

I love this movie. I dunno it seems like all Cuba Gooding Jr. movies that I have seen became favorites of mine specially Jerry Maguire and Men of Honor. Also movies about sports and on how one person or team emerged victorious in the end after being belittle by a lot of people are really inspiring. Special mention to these type of movies are The Replacements, The Longest Yard, Remember the Titans and Coach Carter.

Heart warming, cute and truly a divine feel good movie. The song HOPE became a favorite of mine cos of this movie and I really like Channing Tatum.

More to come promise ;-)

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Slip (not sleep) Overs

I wasn’t able to publish what happened to my weekend yesterday, my boss is not here – reason why I’m so in the mood to finish my tasks. It doesn’t mean that while the cat is away the fairies would play (I don’t want to be a mouse hehehe).

Now I’m not really in my excited mood unlike last weekend, I do hope I would be able to write with justice the events of my weekend. I spent my Saturday & Sunday in the company of my good friends. Zie, Edward, Gabs, Joey & Joel Angelo stayed at my house, we had a movie marathon & a laughing galore. We just hanged out – mainly to talk and keep each other up to date with what is happening to each one of us. Although Edward & Joey didn’t slept over, Edward was back early the next day. JA was the only guy who stayed the night, hehehe buti di naculture shock. Si Joel na wala nang ginawa kungdi asarin ako cos of my disastrous experience with the pan cake – I admitted I am not good at it, eating it is different from making it hehehe. I decided from now on I will call him JA cos he doesn’t want to be called JA anymore hehehe pang-urot ko sa kanya ;-) – he deleted his pictures from my phone, wala tuloy akong ma post na photo nya.

My friend Gabs gave me a birthday gift in advance. I told myself that I will not open it on the real day but I can’t help it. I took a sneak peek hehehe, thanks a lot Gabs! I love it, you’re so generous sister!

I bought the new John Grisham novel “The Broker” and I’m halfway done with it. Naiinis na naman ako, I’ll be done with it in 2 days I’m sure. Why do I read so fast? Kainis kase di ako nakakatulog – all I do is read now that Attic Cat is through. Oh and I’m done with The Fifth Mountain at last! I started reading this book last year, I got bored cos the plot is kinda slow paced then in its near end I found out its good actually. I got the book as a birthday gift from Dinah last year, buti na lang di inaabot ng exactly a year before I am through with it. I did a checklist & found out that I wasn’t able to read 3 Grisham novels. I’ll try to get a copy of them this weekend.

I cannot wait to show my book collection to my sister – she’ll die with excitement and would probably want to start reading the moment she set her eyes on them. My sister loves to read too. Actually I owe my passion for books to her. It was through her that I have read the first full length novel in my life history. It was Sheldon’s Windmills of the Gods. My sister was in college that time and she read books like that already. I was 12 and just busy being nosy at what she do. I snooped at her things, saw the book then read it, and I was able to finish it in 2 days. Then that was the day I graduated from Sweet Dreams and Sweet Valley books. I took a step forward - towards more mature books. It was also my sister who introduced me to Patricia Cornwell. Now I have read a lot of Cornwell books that she did – I dunno must be because she’s now busy with her career and kids.

I remembered our guidance councilor in high school. During visits to her office she would ask us how many books do we read in a year, what type of books, our study habbits etc. She would always tell me to slow down – she’s a nun. I was in first year high school that time and Sor Loret would interview me about the books I read, she was really amazed that I can finish a novel in one sitting. She warned me about the damage I am doing to my eyes (sorry Sister, I didn’t listen to you I damaged them severely). But she was highly supportive. And I think it was because of her that I developed the habit of reading first before doing my homework at home. You see my Mom is not really keen on seeing me read and read when I was young cos of my eyes and because I happen to be insomniac she said that books doesn’t help me sleep they wake me up more cos of my eagerness to finish the story which is true. I have migraine attacks too when I was in high school (well up to now) that is why as much as possible my Mom doesn’t want me to over use my eyes and my brain (para akong alien nun hehehe). What I would do is finish the book first then once done I proceed with my assignments. By the time its 11 pm already my Mom would knock on my room or sometimes just barge in to surprise me and caught me off guard – to see if I’m reading a book not school related or really doing my homework. She’ll see me doing my homework late hehehe for a time the trick do magic but then she got suspicious why the school is giving me a lot of assignments. In other words I got busted hehehe but that doesn’t stop me from reading. In college I had the freedom to read and to buy the books I like as well. Our library – the Central Library of UST – has the best books available. I am always hanging out in the Humanities section, I don’t care if I have to climb all the way to the 5th floor then bring books downstairs so that I can bring them home. In high school kase I just borrow books or sometimes save my allowance to buy one. It was really costly in high school magkano lang naman pera ko nun, I always have a sandwich bihira akong magakapera. I make kick backs by over pricing projects hehehe buti na lang Pop although suspicious didn’t question me on most occasions. And I can only buy books when we go to the City, which happens once a month maswerte na yun.

My passion for books was passed on to my 10 years old nephew Jude. I am really glad he loves to read. At the age of 8 he asked me to buy him a chess manual – yes he’s a chess wizard. Although he doesn’t get to practice much these days – I blame it on the video games and gameboy (and I blame myself too I gave all of those to him, the gameboy was from my good friend Jenny but the cartridges were all from me, my bad). We let him be to enjoy his childhood, nothing could make our hearts (my folks & me) happier and swelling with pride but to see Jude happy. And we do not regret giving him the best of everything – he is a good kid. Smart & really talented. He won an inter-school feature writing in English contest last month. He’s really a special kid – bright and vibrant, polite and sweet.

Okay okay, I decided to write something different from what it turned out. I'm so sorry. It should be about the sleep over and I slipped. Sorry po hehehe ;-)

Nga pala I would like to thank my friends Star, Lemeul and Carol, Dr Belo the dentist & Healthway's receptionist for being among the first batch of people who greeted me a happy birthday in advance.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

The Future Freaks Me Out

Give me a reason to end this discussion, to break with tradition, to fall and divide. Because I hate the ocean, theme parks and airplanes, talking with strangers, waiting in line..I'm through with these pills that make me sit still. "Are you feeling fine? "Yes, I feel just fine." Tell me that you're alright, yeah, everything is alright. Please tell me that you're alright, yeah, everything is alright. I'm sick of the things I do when I'm nervous like cleaning the oven or checking my tires or counting the number of tiles in the ceiling.. Head for the hills, the kitchen's on fire! I used to rely on self-medication, I guess I still do that from time to time. But I'm getting better at fighting the future, "Someday you'll be fine.."Yes, I'll be just fine."
- Motion City Soundtrack -

I have to share the lines, I love those boys hehehe. Especially Justin Pierre he looks like Kal Penn.

I woke up feeling grumpy I dunno, hay naku must be because I slept early last night. Yes my dears, on few occasions when I am blessed with an early yawn it is something to be thankful for but the next day is something to curse about. Everytime I am given the great opportunity of being asleep early the next day is a disaster. I’ll have this grumpy & sick feeling the whole day. Just like this morning when I took a glimpse at the watch with one eye closed, it took a millisecond for me to open them both wide. Whoa! 7:30? 7:30 na?!!? S#@%!!! I need to run.

Di tuloy ako nakapag Tae-Bo.

Last night while watching a sappy old movie I have realized how good looking the actors before then are. Take for example Gregory Peck, I spent months & years liking him when I saw him on an Audrey Hepburn movie (Roman Holiday) then there’s Louis Jourdan, Dr Nicholas Agi of The Swan. I would also like to include Christopher Reeves, nothing can now compare on how he is as Superman… not even the new guy for the movie and even Tom Welling. For the new age actors, who would level on with these guys? I don’t think there are classic looking movie actors anymore. Actors then were suave, gentlemanly & dignified – oh well those were the old times.

Does this mean that guys in general have now evolved and now made an ass of themselves? Oh well I know a few but I know a lot of good guys din naman. Now who’s being bitter? Defensive ako, I shouldn’t have wrote these crap sabi ko na nga ba. The world now is really evolving, well said Motion City Soundtrack, THE FUTURE FREAKS ME OUT, it is really freaking. Anyway I will now change the subject for my sanity’s sake.

I was able to talk to Kuya Jun from the College of Law sa Mendiola, buti na lang he's in Alabang na! Yipee, sana di na ko mahirapan sa pagkuha ng grades ko and I hope that everything will be alright once I transfer na. For starters I don't have to travel that far anymore. I could use the hours I spent traveling to study na lang. I also hope that healthwise di na ko aatikihin ng kung ano-ano. This is the only part of the future that I am really excited about, I wanna be back in school. Finish what I started.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Jenny going gaga over sandals & slip ons, she was able to settle on a cute blue wedged slip on. Posted by Picasa

Warning: Contains a lot of Ka-kikayan & Kababawan

I am enjoying the bliss of decorating my own realm. It is fun & relaxing & therapeutic. These days, I spend most of my malling time at home centers, browsing through curtains, bed sheets, rugs & the likes. Plus I have finished taking the photos of my bags & shoes, finally. It was a tough job, I decided to throw away a couple of pairs of shoes, sneakers & slip ons. But I must admit that I felt guilty afterwards, I should have donated those to the needy, too late when I realized, the garbage collectors got them already.

Another thing to feel guilty about is that after throwing away a lot, you buy a new one and not just one. Opo, I’m sorry. I bought a wedged thong rubber slip on (I have posted a picture, isn’t it a cutie?) & a simple sneaker last weekend. Who wouldn’t buy one eh Jenny, Pen & I went to the Liliw Laguna Footwear Festival. We were a little bit disappointed cos we were really excited, I have already imagined myself buying at least 2 pairs cos we know the shoes from Liliw are affordable. We arrived at South Station hungry for shoes then it’s raining slippers! Too bad there was a very little number of shoes to choose from, not all of them are really stylish :-(

I don’t know what’s with me and my friends, siguro we just wanted to justify our urge to go to the festival & so as not to defeat our purpose, we each bought a pair para may bitbit lang hehehe. Then the sneakers that Ziella said looks like a kung fu shoes, eh syempre it was just the cheapy cheapy kind & I’m gonna use it at home lang naman kase. I do tae-bo and kick boxing now at home, I’m on my 2nd week already yehey to me!

I’ll be posting pictures of Vina’s new babe Wyett. Johan (Yo-han) Summer Corporal Cruz aka Wyett (layo noh? I don’t know what’s with Papa Ian) made it to this cruel world last August 25. All the best & good wishes to our new pamangkin!

And syempre kuya Chase naman di papatalo, here are some pictures of my inaanak who will be celebrating his birthday on the 15th, super bibo cute na cute & really sweet Chasey will be turning 2. Pictures from L-R, Tita Anne & Chase, Mommy & Chase, Chase smiling and last picture with Tita Zie.

And here’s a picture taken at my house, my good friends Joey, Gabs, Ziella & Edward are lounging and feeling super duper at home while watching My Sassy Girl (the original ha not the Tagalized one) last Saturday night. Sunday was fun too, Zie, Edward & I played badminton.

Can’t wait for another weekend to come, can’t wait for my Ma & Sis to arrive. This month will be very promising I can feel it.

Must Love Dogs book is wittier & funnier than the movie, sabi ko na nga ba. I have finished the book last Sunday and it was good. John Cusack fits the role of the guy. As for Diane Lane, if she’s not really good in acting I would prefer another actrees for the role pero she passed it, pwede na.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Sorry I Forgot

... that the prettiest guy in pink until Ashton came to the picture was Luigi. He's truly a pretty guy in pink but he was beaten by Ashton exposure wise. So sorry Luigi my love ;-)

SHOUT OUT to my cutesy friend Myra who never failed to visit my ramblings & blabbers. Love you Mai!

SHOUT OUT v2 to Ente, I dunno if it was you but I'm guessing it was you & crossing my fingers that it was you. Hehehe labo, wala lang I'm just glad that a lot of my good friends are dropping by regularly. Have you read the emails from Carrie & Ben? Hehehe laugh all you want.

I will just update this page tomorrow - hopefully. I have a lot of things to write about it'sjust that I was caught up with a lot of work (meaning I don't just do blogs all day, hehehe on few ocassions I work too LOL).

Friday, September 02, 2005

Prettiest Guy In Pink

“That's just it, she's everything I'm not. You know, she's my other half. Without her I'm not whole. You know the thing about meeting your other half is you're walking around, you think you're happy, you think you're whole, then you realize you ain't shit without her. Then you can't go back to being just a half 'cause you know what it's like to be whole.”
~Simon Green

The first guy I have seen that looks perfect in pink (Oh well except for the van-mate I had 2 years ago in the shuttle waiting station of San Pedro, 2 years or being van-mates passed I still don’t know his name – sigh). Only a year older than I am, I still can’t believe why he’s in Hollywood clinging to a fabulous woman that could be her mother while I am here stuck in my boring life. I could just wish I am born to an Iowa family rather than born here in the Philippines (not that I’m complaining for I have been blessed with 2 amazing parents, I just wish they met in Iowa hehehe). Pink is something that only few men fit. My guy is just so lucky he looks good in it.

I abhor him at first – he’s all mental in his movies & in his TV show. I love Topher Grace more than him but I must admit he’s so good looking. Butterfly Effect changed my impression then from then on the abhorrence turned into fascination. I am guilty that I fancy him. I like him now even when he’s loathe worthy.

I had a hard time searching for him dressed in pink, thank good I was able to find a few.

Happy weekend everybody, be safe be good & be merry!