Thursday, September 08, 2005

The Future Freaks Me Out

Give me a reason to end this discussion, to break with tradition, to fall and divide. Because I hate the ocean, theme parks and airplanes, talking with strangers, waiting in line..I'm through with these pills that make me sit still. "Are you feeling fine? "Yes, I feel just fine." Tell me that you're alright, yeah, everything is alright. Please tell me that you're alright, yeah, everything is alright. I'm sick of the things I do when I'm nervous like cleaning the oven or checking my tires or counting the number of tiles in the ceiling.. Head for the hills, the kitchen's on fire! I used to rely on self-medication, I guess I still do that from time to time. But I'm getting better at fighting the future, "Someday you'll be fine.."Yes, I'll be just fine."
- Motion City Soundtrack -

I have to share the lines, I love those boys hehehe. Especially Justin Pierre he looks like Kal Penn.

I woke up feeling grumpy I dunno, hay naku must be because I slept early last night. Yes my dears, on few occasions when I am blessed with an early yawn it is something to be thankful for but the next day is something to curse about. Everytime I am given the great opportunity of being asleep early the next day is a disaster. I’ll have this grumpy & sick feeling the whole day. Just like this morning when I took a glimpse at the watch with one eye closed, it took a millisecond for me to open them both wide. Whoa! 7:30? 7:30 na?!!? S#@%!!! I need to run.

Di tuloy ako nakapag Tae-Bo.

Last night while watching a sappy old movie I have realized how good looking the actors before then are. Take for example Gregory Peck, I spent months & years liking him when I saw him on an Audrey Hepburn movie (Roman Holiday) then there’s Louis Jourdan, Dr Nicholas Agi of The Swan. I would also like to include Christopher Reeves, nothing can now compare on how he is as Superman… not even the new guy for the movie and even Tom Welling. For the new age actors, who would level on with these guys? I don’t think there are classic looking movie actors anymore. Actors then were suave, gentlemanly & dignified – oh well those were the old times.

Does this mean that guys in general have now evolved and now made an ass of themselves? Oh well I know a few but I know a lot of good guys din naman. Now who’s being bitter? Defensive ako, I shouldn’t have wrote these crap sabi ko na nga ba. The world now is really evolving, well said Motion City Soundtrack, THE FUTURE FREAKS ME OUT, it is really freaking. Anyway I will now change the subject for my sanity’s sake.

I was able to talk to Kuya Jun from the College of Law sa Mendiola, buti na lang he's in Alabang na! Yipee, sana di na ko mahirapan sa pagkuha ng grades ko and I hope that everything will be alright once I transfer na. For starters I don't have to travel that far anymore. I could use the hours I spent traveling to study na lang. I also hope that healthwise di na ko aatikihin ng kung ano-ano. This is the only part of the future that I am really excited about, I wanna be back in school. Finish what I started.


Jenny said...

I'm really excited about you going back to law school. I'm really happy for you! :-)

Anne said...

hey sis, oo nga eh :) i know ur happy for me the same way i am always happy & praying for you. muah!