Friday, September 30, 2005


Jenny, Pen and I are laughing real hard over our dream weddings. Jen’s & my wedding will be next year, yes you’re reading this right, we’ll be married next year – still figuring out who the lucky grooms are but we made a pact that it’ll definitely happen next year. Jen’s wedding will happen in June while I have until December of next year to make a perfect plan on how to snag a groom. Jen has a groom in mind already while I have, let say a couple of friends to chose from (yun nga lang they don’t know they’ll be married to me next year hehehe). Since both of us are in the waiting & pakiramdaman process we agreed on making a quasi-Ad of the candidates:

Straight Guy
Mid to Late 20s, early 30s welcome din

With Pleasing Personality & Good Genes (cos ours are guaranteed good hehehe)
At least with a Bachelor’s Degree
With a job receiving a monthly salary of above the current minimum wage rate (Metro Manila Standards, if Provincial Rate it should be way above minimum wage)
No Criminal Record
With residence or is willing to reside in Southern Metro Manila (cos I don’t have plans of relocating except if it’s abroad with the exception of the Middle Eastern Countries… again I am speaking for myself only Jenny has other plans hehehe she’s willing to live in Manila & other places way up North)

Interested parties must immediately contact Jenny or me for the screening ;-)

As we stumble across other characteristics or criteria that we would require it would definitely be posted in this tabloid.

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