Monday, September 05, 2005

Sorry I Forgot

... that the prettiest guy in pink until Ashton came to the picture was Luigi. He's truly a pretty guy in pink but he was beaten by Ashton exposure wise. So sorry Luigi my love ;-)

SHOUT OUT to my cutesy friend Myra who never failed to visit my ramblings & blabbers. Love you Mai!

SHOUT OUT v2 to Ente, I dunno if it was you but I'm guessing it was you & crossing my fingers that it was you. Hehehe labo, wala lang I'm just glad that a lot of my good friends are dropping by regularly. Have you read the emails from Carrie & Ben? Hehehe laugh all you want.

I will just update this page tomorrow - hopefully. I have a lot of things to write about it'sjust that I was caught up with a lot of work (meaning I don't just do blogs all day, hehehe on few ocassions I work too LOL).

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