Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Slip (not sleep) Overs

I wasn’t able to publish what happened to my weekend yesterday, my boss is not here – reason why I’m so in the mood to finish my tasks. It doesn’t mean that while the cat is away the fairies would play (I don’t want to be a mouse hehehe).

Now I’m not really in my excited mood unlike last weekend, I do hope I would be able to write with justice the events of my weekend. I spent my Saturday & Sunday in the company of my good friends. Zie, Edward, Gabs, Joey & Joel Angelo stayed at my house, we had a movie marathon & a laughing galore. We just hanged out – mainly to talk and keep each other up to date with what is happening to each one of us. Although Edward & Joey didn’t slept over, Edward was back early the next day. JA was the only guy who stayed the night, hehehe buti di naculture shock. Si Joel na wala nang ginawa kungdi asarin ako cos of my disastrous experience with the pan cake – I admitted I am not good at it, eating it is different from making it hehehe. I decided from now on I will call him JA cos he doesn’t want to be called JA anymore hehehe pang-urot ko sa kanya ;-) – he deleted his pictures from my phone, wala tuloy akong ma post na photo nya.

My friend Gabs gave me a birthday gift in advance. I told myself that I will not open it on the real day but I can’t help it. I took a sneak peek hehehe, thanks a lot Gabs! I love it, you’re so generous sister!

I bought the new John Grisham novel “The Broker” and I’m halfway done with it. Naiinis na naman ako, I’ll be done with it in 2 days I’m sure. Why do I read so fast? Kainis kase di ako nakakatulog – all I do is read now that Attic Cat is through. Oh and I’m done with The Fifth Mountain at last! I started reading this book last year, I got bored cos the plot is kinda slow paced then in its near end I found out its good actually. I got the book as a birthday gift from Dinah last year, buti na lang di inaabot ng exactly a year before I am through with it. I did a checklist & found out that I wasn’t able to read 3 Grisham novels. I’ll try to get a copy of them this weekend.

I cannot wait to show my book collection to my sister – she’ll die with excitement and would probably want to start reading the moment she set her eyes on them. My sister loves to read too. Actually I owe my passion for books to her. It was through her that I have read the first full length novel in my life history. It was Sheldon’s Windmills of the Gods. My sister was in college that time and she read books like that already. I was 12 and just busy being nosy at what she do. I snooped at her things, saw the book then read it, and I was able to finish it in 2 days. Then that was the day I graduated from Sweet Dreams and Sweet Valley books. I took a step forward - towards more mature books. It was also my sister who introduced me to Patricia Cornwell. Now I have read a lot of Cornwell books that she did – I dunno must be because she’s now busy with her career and kids.

I remembered our guidance councilor in high school. During visits to her office she would ask us how many books do we read in a year, what type of books, our study habbits etc. She would always tell me to slow down – she’s a nun. I was in first year high school that time and Sor Loret would interview me about the books I read, she was really amazed that I can finish a novel in one sitting. She warned me about the damage I am doing to my eyes (sorry Sister, I didn’t listen to you I damaged them severely). But she was highly supportive. And I think it was because of her that I developed the habit of reading first before doing my homework at home. You see my Mom is not really keen on seeing me read and read when I was young cos of my eyes and because I happen to be insomniac she said that books doesn’t help me sleep they wake me up more cos of my eagerness to finish the story which is true. I have migraine attacks too when I was in high school (well up to now) that is why as much as possible my Mom doesn’t want me to over use my eyes and my brain (para akong alien nun hehehe). What I would do is finish the book first then once done I proceed with my assignments. By the time its 11 pm already my Mom would knock on my room or sometimes just barge in to surprise me and caught me off guard – to see if I’m reading a book not school related or really doing my homework. She’ll see me doing my homework late hehehe for a time the trick do magic but then she got suspicious why the school is giving me a lot of assignments. In other words I got busted hehehe but that doesn’t stop me from reading. In college I had the freedom to read and to buy the books I like as well. Our library – the Central Library of UST – has the best books available. I am always hanging out in the Humanities section, I don’t care if I have to climb all the way to the 5th floor then bring books downstairs so that I can bring them home. In high school kase I just borrow books or sometimes save my allowance to buy one. It was really costly in high school magkano lang naman pera ko nun, I always have a sandwich bihira akong magakapera. I make kick backs by over pricing projects hehehe buti na lang Pop although suspicious didn’t question me on most occasions. And I can only buy books when we go to the City, which happens once a month maswerte na yun.

My passion for books was passed on to my 10 years old nephew Jude. I am really glad he loves to read. At the age of 8 he asked me to buy him a chess manual – yes he’s a chess wizard. Although he doesn’t get to practice much these days – I blame it on the video games and gameboy (and I blame myself too I gave all of those to him, the gameboy was from my good friend Jenny but the cartridges were all from me, my bad). We let him be to enjoy his childhood, nothing could make our hearts (my folks & me) happier and swelling with pride but to see Jude happy. And we do not regret giving him the best of everything – he is a good kid. Smart & really talented. He won an inter-school feature writing in English contest last month. He’s really a special kid – bright and vibrant, polite and sweet.

Okay okay, I decided to write something different from what it turned out. I'm so sorry. It should be about the sleep over and I slipped. Sorry po hehehe ;-)

Nga pala I would like to thank my friends Star, Lemeul and Carol, Dr Belo the dentist & Healthway's receptionist for being among the first batch of people who greeted me a happy birthday in advance.

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