Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Get Ready With Your Popcorn, Chips & Drinks

I have laid my back on the movies I have seen in the last weeks, partly because I think I write too much about what I have read and watched that it is becoming too boring. I admit this site is boring but it is turning to be super doper boring. Can’t blame the readers if they agree, I even bore myself to death so I can’t say you don’t feel the same. Here I am staring into the blank space thinking of how the hell I can bore you as always. Then this light bulb on the top of my head blinked (not that bright I should I say cos of it’s intention to save on energy HAHA! What a lame joke!). I can write about these movies and my personal insights in all its yucky glory. So here it goes:

Teen chick flick, but it doesn’t stop me from buying the DVD. What I think about this is that it makes your teen age child inside wants to purchase a brand new Levi’s jeans then make it a work of art, decorate it before parading it. What the heck am I talking about? Anyway, good movie for teens they can evaluate the lessons the have received from their not so young & not that old life. It’s a story of friendship and of course story of the miraculous pants. My own story, if the Jologs decided to buy one pants that can “miraculously” fit all of us, a trip to the mall won’t be necessary. As we all agreed, Ziella will just shop for this pair of jeans without us. All we have to do is prepare or belts and tons of safety pins. Love you Zie! Peace out!

I know I know this is an old movie, what do you care? I have seen this just this month!!! Don loves this movie that I remembered he said I should watch it. He tried looking all over for a video copy and his efforts were fruitless. I have seen it and yes it is good. My sister loves this movie also. Johnny Depp as always did a good acting job. He’s good with being weird but you know what’s cool with Tim Burton’s movie is that it always has a good moral lesson in the end. It’s a dark fairy tale.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! I am not the type of person who gets easily scared, actually horror movies and suspense don’t make me chill with fear. But this one in all its gory details made me scream, jump and peek at my fingers while the blood spurts. It’s super disgusting. Nakakagulat lang talaga.

I love this movie. I dunno it seems like all Cuba Gooding Jr. movies that I have seen became favorites of mine specially Jerry Maguire and Men of Honor. Also movies about sports and on how one person or team emerged victorious in the end after being belittle by a lot of people are really inspiring. Special mention to these type of movies are The Replacements, The Longest Yard, Remember the Titans and Coach Carter.

Heart warming, cute and truly a divine feel good movie. The song HOPE became a favorite of mine cos of this movie and I really like Channing Tatum.

More to come promise ;-)

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