Thursday, September 15, 2005

Enlighten Me Girls

Dazed yep perfect adjective to what I feel. Dazed, in limbo, bemused, and floating – I wasn’t able to sleep well last night. At around 11 or a little later than that I swear I have been in deep slumber then at around 2:30 I was woken up by an unidentified force. I have been tossing & turning for more than an hour when I decided to read the book lying beside me (I was able to finish it – The Broker by John Grisham), I was in deep concentration when my phone rang around 4 am I think. It was Opal, an old friend who is now in New York. He just got off from work, took a bus happened to pass by a convenient store, bought a phone card then decide that he’ll call me up. It was sweet of him to be calling me, good thing I’m still awake. Anyway we talked up until he used up his phone card which lasted for an hour. What have we talked about? Hmm, lemme think… the past, common friends, family, future plans, how we look now since we haven’t seen each other for I think 2 years or more, movies, Broadway musicals etc. A wide array of topics was covered. We also talked about past relationships & current ones (for him)… I guess he always want to be up to date with my non-existent love life. I guess it has always been the case, people I know especially my friends always ask me that question and as I turn another year older next week, the answer has always been a template – nada. Not that I’m complaining cos I guess I’m at my best being single but I am tired of the question for some reason that I am not really looking for one. It’ll come I’m sure – at a time I least expect. This made me think about what Don asked me last night as well:

Who do you prefer, a person you love or a person who loves you?

My answer (and he accused me of always being on the safe side although he thinks I have a good answer), verbatim pa to “I honestly think that it would be best to pick the one who loves you more cos I don’t want to stress myself running after a person, I believe I’m worth the chase kahit papano. I’m sure when I say this cos I’m not the type of person who goes around looking for trouble. Even if I don’t love the person, rest assured that I’ll be faithful”. Am I convinced with this answer? What do you think? I don’t know I am not sure I think I just answered it hypothetically.

In this world we live in, to which category does one fall majority speaking? Jenny I know you will read this, so as Myra, Gabs, Gracious & whoever else (shout outs to Rosey too). Let me know what you think and no in between answers okay? Yoko ng vague answers. Hehehe.

When I finished talking to Opal, it was like a movie. The scenes changed, from a dark room with my reading light on, I glanced at the window and saw the grayish shinning sky although not that bright cos it was raining. It was raining heavily in New York too. Opal said "hay andyan ka andito ako". Yep we're worlds apart, with a 12 hours difference. But thanks for calling and don't babe - babe me!!! Hehehe, if you happen to stumble across this page, smile okay?

And before I forgot, happy birthday to my inaanak Cedric Winter Corporal Cruz. Happy birthday Chasey, Tita Ninang loves you!!!

and lastly thanks to Julius for greeting me in advance.


Jenny said...

I'd rather be with the one who loves me more. I know I'll learn to love him in time and with prayers. :-)

Anne said...

that makes us two! leading so far hehehe wala namang nasagot eh :)

im so happy jenny! hehehe masaya tayo!

... beachfreak said...

Oh no. It's one of those questions that I'd like to avoid as much as possible. *sigh* Heh.

If I could have my way, I prefer the man who I love and loves me in return. But hey, perfect scenario yun eh. Seldom does it happen.

BUT I'd still rather wait for that man.

Ewan ko. As of now, yung ang 2 cents ko.

Anne said...

oo nga rosey, pampasakit ng ulong question. hehehe :)