Friday, September 16, 2005

Theme Park Lover

I have always been a theme park freak. Yes, I love rides – roller coasters, flying fiestas, cable cars and a lot more. I believe it’s this little child within me that go crazy over things like this. I always suggest Enchanted Kingdom as venue for our annual Christmas party (to which all of them opposes except for Joey who backed me up once). Pinapatulan ko pati Boom na Boom & Star City. I am really a sucker for theme parks I guess, I don’t get tired of Enchanted Kingdom even though the rides & attractions have always been the same since the first time I went there but still it doesn’t stop me from going. And today, the greatest news was uncovered. We’re going to HK DISNEYLAND! I am like OMG! Disneyland and Ocean Park! I thought I would be able to visit it next year pa, I need to save more money but a gift was given to us. Papa Phil approved this out of the country outing. Yipee!

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