Monday, September 26, 2005

My Legendary Life

I have this feeling of like I have been gone forever. It was nice having a vacation, although I wasn’t home most of the time I’m not at work – it was worth it. I’d rather be out than endure the pain of watching either 1.) Sponge Bob the movie or 2.) Jollibee Alphabet, Numbers & Shape VCD if not it’ll be an endless sobbing & shouting spree from a cute little devil. It was torture, arghhh! My little niece for a week can’t get enough of those 2 discs. I can still hear “I’m ready, promotion” and “jolly-jollibee” over & over ringing to my ears – so much for an LSS. I am now convinced, Shaider, Josie and the Pussycats were not lying – it is possible. Kids brains are now being tampered by Puma Lear & Fiona. The episode is now being refreshed in my mind, “Tayo nang mag boggie wag nang mag aral” and the effects of “Fiona is cool” is no doubt contagious. Now it’s Sponge Bob, Patrick & the rest of the crew with Jollibee and Hetty poisoning these little kids’ minds. But still, it was a great week hehehehe; I enjoyed spending time with my Ma & my sister.

After days of munching on Boy Bawang, ensaimada, cheese rolls, mango float and drowning on Coke and Orange juice, I cannot blame my sister. Plus the fact that for a week I did one session of Tae-Bo and no more after that, I feel bloated. But who cares? Eating is fun hehehe, worry about things later… life is short do the things you enjoy doing.

Question: If you were to choose between two feelings, grief or nothingness?
Score so far: Grief I (Anne) Nothingness I (Marco) – we need a tie breaker

I stopped ageing at 21, yes I do have birthdays but I am still 21. It was the time when I became an adult and stopped being a child. Now if you ask me how old I am when I had my birthday last week, with a smile I’ll say… I turned 21 do you have a problem with that? I just have this feeling that things didn’t change since then. Must be because I am out of school, no more year level to progress on to. Or must be because that was the year after I started working and now I am still doing the same – working that is. Life can be mysterious sometimes but most of the time it is there to make you suffer (half meant). The enigma and uncertainty is unchanged.

Segue 2: My Legendary Boylet – weird as ever. He’s my Napoleon Dynamite. I just wish he can dance like Napoleon.

I spent the weekend blabbing non-stop about how beautiful Beyonce’ was at their Cater to You video but Kelly is my favorite D-child. Thanks to Jenny & Pen – the CD came along with a bonus DVD, I love it I love it.

Now the Red Eye, I dunno if I’ll be relieved or what when I realized that this movie is not a horror flick. Okay I admit I though it was – I saw the preview and if I am not hallucinating I swear I saw Cilian Murphy’s one eye glimmered red hehehe. The movie is okay, pwede na.

I’ll fix this site soon, it’s not my bday anymore and Oct is now around the pavement.

Can’t stop thinking about Billy, I am in love (as always – to him). I was flipping through channels late last night when I came across Rockola featuring the roots of Smashing Pumpkins.

As always, walang unified thought – that’s me & my life.

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