Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Merci, Grazie, Thanks and Salamat

It was indeed one memorable birthday, although I spent most of it at UST hospital, it was worth it. Thanks to my family - Pa, Ma, my bro & sister, my nephews & nieces. I love you all!!!

(Picture taken during the birthday dinner at Saisaki/Dads Restaurant with Ma, Ate, Meng & Belay)

Merci to:

Joel – who greeted me in advance, says he wants to be the first to greet kaya 11:45 pa lang bday ko na daw
Mark – technically the first greeter kaso pagbigyan si Jo :)
Tonie – thanks for the message & for calling!
Luchie – my bestfriend who didn’t miss greeting me more than a decade now & approaching the next, thanks sweetie

Thanks to the the following for the greetings:

Opal, Kuya, Yong, Liezl, Gene, Jerome, Saree, Nicole, Tita Eden, Edward, Moises (may kasama pang intriga, looking forward to the kwento you’re telling my dear friend), Cris, Pen, Jenny, Marco, Dondon, Ate Lhed, Ate Joy, Jing, Onats, Arma, Ate Jinkee, Lawrence Earl Roy, Ziella, Mike, Gabs and to my other friends who greeted kaso numbers lang nag register I’m so sorry cos my phone book got busted your numbers were erased dearies.

Grazie to:

Dinercs, thanks for the call miss you na po!
Jonal, thanks you were the last caller - nakahabol
Betong – kaw ang highlight! I’m so touched… yep few words that were written, kahit belated it was short & sweet. Miss you all too :)

To my friends Gracious, Joey, Reina, Ryah, Kitchie, Lorry, JohnSalamat for the ym messages/emails/comment sa blog.

And sa mga gifts, thanks guys!!!

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