Sunday, September 18, 2005

Taking Back Saturday

I was contemplating on the lingering feeling of being lost and frustrated while listening to Straylight Run and Taking Back Sunday. I was able to download a good number of tracks from their various albums. I paraded the cds to my niece who seems not so impressed, she even told me “mas okay Dashboard Confessional dyan Tita”. That I have to find out. As of now I’m still happy listening to The Waiting Process of Taking Back Sunday.

While lounging at home since its Saturday I debated whether going to Megamall would be wise. Since I just splurge on a lot of cash over books (as a gift to myself I bought 5 paperbacks) Megamall doesn’t appeal that much to me even though I need to go there on an errand. I was busy lamenting over indecision while reading. Little did I know that the clock was ticking twice its usual speed. The next thing I know it’s too late to go to Edsa and I am not really in the mood. The outcome of my indecisiveness is the book I am reading, I almost finished it.

On the account of books, I bought myself a little gift, I bought all three books of Mike Gayle, Then this new one “My Red Shoes” and lastly the book “The Devil Wears Prada”. I bought them cos all books guaranteed a good laugh. Well, I am yet to find out if all of these books were worth it but I am happy. I was busy labeling and covering the books when my niece was possessed with a photographer’s spirit. The after that we watched the original “The Exorcist” movie, the one with Linda Blair. I was mimicking Linda Blair when she went downstairs upside down using both her feet and her hands – hehehe my niece was threatening me that she’d scream. Boy I had a hard time stopping myself from laughing. Actually the movie didn’t frighten me. It was actually the test done to Linda Blair aka Regan at the hospital in an attempt to know what’s wrong with her. There was this scene when a needle was stuck to her neck splashing blood, argh! The scene made ma nauseous.

This morning was AJ’s birthday celebration at Jollibee Metro Park. It was a brunch we went there early so that we can escape early as well hehehe eat & run – my kind of life. Here are some pictures from the party. Thanks to Bambi & Rolly, AJ’s proud parents. And to Alexa Juliana, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEARIE!

Sunday afternoon, tomorrow’s another work day – start of the week. I can’t wait for Ma & Ate to arrive later. What I want to do now is rewind the days & take back Saturday. I can’t wait for the weekend now that it’s already almost over.

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