Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Warning: Contains a lot of Ka-kikayan & Kababawan

I am enjoying the bliss of decorating my own realm. It is fun & relaxing & therapeutic. These days, I spend most of my malling time at home centers, browsing through curtains, bed sheets, rugs & the likes. Plus I have finished taking the photos of my bags & shoes, finally. It was a tough job, I decided to throw away a couple of pairs of shoes, sneakers & slip ons. But I must admit that I felt guilty afterwards, I should have donated those to the needy, too late when I realized, the garbage collectors got them already.

Another thing to feel guilty about is that after throwing away a lot, you buy a new one and not just one. Opo, I’m sorry. I bought a wedged thong rubber slip on (I have posted a picture, isn’t it a cutie?) & a simple sneaker last weekend. Who wouldn’t buy one eh Jenny, Pen & I went to the Liliw Laguna Footwear Festival. We were a little bit disappointed cos we were really excited, I have already imagined myself buying at least 2 pairs cos we know the shoes from Liliw are affordable. We arrived at South Station hungry for shoes then it’s raining slippers! Too bad there was a very little number of shoes to choose from, not all of them are really stylish :-(

I don’t know what’s with me and my friends, siguro we just wanted to justify our urge to go to the festival & so as not to defeat our purpose, we each bought a pair para may bitbit lang hehehe. Then the sneakers that Ziella said looks like a kung fu shoes, eh syempre it was just the cheapy cheapy kind & I’m gonna use it at home lang naman kase. I do tae-bo and kick boxing now at home, I’m on my 2nd week already yehey to me!

I’ll be posting pictures of Vina’s new babe Wyett. Johan (Yo-han) Summer Corporal Cruz aka Wyett (layo noh? I don’t know what’s with Papa Ian) made it to this cruel world last August 25. All the best & good wishes to our new pamangkin!

And syempre kuya Chase naman di papatalo, here are some pictures of my inaanak who will be celebrating his birthday on the 15th, super bibo cute na cute & really sweet Chasey will be turning 2. Pictures from L-R, Tita Anne & Chase, Mommy & Chase, Chase smiling and last picture with Tita Zie.

And here’s a picture taken at my house, my good friends Joey, Gabs, Ziella & Edward are lounging and feeling super duper at home while watching My Sassy Girl (the original ha not the Tagalized one) last Saturday night. Sunday was fun too, Zie, Edward & I played badminton.

Can’t wait for another weekend to come, can’t wait for my Ma & Sis to arrive. This month will be very promising I can feel it.

Must Love Dogs book is wittier & funnier than the movie, sabi ko na nga ba. I have finished the book last Sunday and it was good. John Cusack fits the role of the guy. As for Diane Lane, if she’s not really good in acting I would prefer another actrees for the role pero she passed it, pwede na.


gracious said...

The flip-flops look so cute...
I'll make sure to drop by Liliw
when I get back to Pinas...and mag ho hoard ako ng flip-flops. :)

Fav mo rin pala ang By the River Piedra, I Sat Down and Wept..super fav ko din yan and all of Paolo Coelho's books.

Anne said...

hi gracious! yep I love Paulo Coelho :-) eventhough it took me almost a year to finish The Fifth Mountain okay lang (I don't like it that much kase) but The River Peidra - I finished it in one sitting :-) I think 3 hours max hehehe.