Monday, July 11, 2005

The Weekend That Was

I felt warm & fuzzy over one song, I have not felt this for so long, a good indication that this day will be a good one. Although I woke up late today, on a Monday of all days I felt good. Okay I must admit I debated over not going to work, I’ll just pretend that I am still sick but it’s a good thing that goodness prevailed hehehe. What made me decide is the saying “An idle mind is a devil’s worshop”. I realized that I’ll be doing nothing at home should I decide to stay.

I wrote something over the weekend that I failed to post, blame it on our hi-speed “kuno” internet connection. And my laptop, for fa’vor Joel Angelo!!! Paki ayos na, super bagal na nya.

Anyway, what I wrote was about why I couldn’t pass writing some stuff. Here are the reasons:

1. I have realized that it was a good thing that I missed a lot of movies in the theatres lately. I watched majority of them on DVD last weekend and thank God I was busy the time they were shown cos if not it’ll just be a waste of time & money.
2. A text message from an old crush
3. Gimmick with the SagadaGang, an event that I have been looking forward to the whole of last week. Seeing all of them again (minus Luch & Marco) is something. We went around the mall, shopped a little (not for Gina – she bought 2 pairs of shoes – she’s depressed she said), dined at Spam Jam (food is good there, I recommend you guys try it especially to those Spam lovers, it is located at Glorietta 4 near Italianis & Nike Park) and watched Fantastic Four
4. Fantastic Four – I like it a lot, better than the other Marvel Comics movie adaptation that I was able to watch lately. Hah! I was able to spot Stan Lee ;-)
5. Time that I was able to spend with friends – chat till 5 am with Gabs when she slept over, DVD session with Gabs, Zie & Edward, truly a good Sunday afternoon
6. Friends told me that I lost a lot of weight, HUU HAH for me! Not just 1 friend, not just 2 – all the friends I met up with this weekend! Kitch even asked me if I’m on drugs hehehe that effect huh (wink*)
7. The perfect shoes! The tiredness of my feet from looking and browsing at shops last Saturday & Sunday paid off. The perfect pair of shoes was bought at the 50th Avenue of Alabang Town Center (check out their dresses, shoes, bags & accessories). My next agenda, the gypsy skirt I have my eye on.
8. Gab’s & Zie’s suggestion – they’re both correct & I’m glad I’m doing it

My good friend Rolly asked me how I have been last night and it led to an exchange of text messages. Thank you bro, you’re my Idol talaga and it made really smile cos I was touched when you said that you, Bam & AJ will always be there for me. To the president of my fans club, winner ka talaga. I’ll forever be grateful for the friendship.

I was able to see a copy of the book “What Color Is Your Parachute” too bad it was so old, it was 1998 pa. Grrr, good buy na sana kaso outdated.
Antok na antok na ko!!!!!!!!!!!! It was ages when I have been up till morning, naninibago na ko
Marco’s SHMINGLES party, I can’t decide, should I go or not?
Naipit ako sa pinto ng kwarto ko when I woke up this morning, kakamadali ko siguro cos I’m already late. Namatay ata kuko ko ah, nagclot dugo :-(

My laptop was stretching a lot of my patience last weekend. The HALE CD was popped on the cd player and I have realized that the CD will be over after a couple of so songs more. Grabe kabagal ng PC ko oo. Buti na lang the song was the boy band sounding track, made me smile medyo baduy. Oh well I mentioned doing a review for the HALE album but I am sorry I can’t do it anymore. I can’t get a single unified thought from the tracks, the songs confuse me most of the time. I can’t blame them their songs are damn too personal – they’re the only ones who can explain what they really want to tell the listeners. There is this one song from the album that I really like pero my goodness, the title is the same phrase that I don’t think belongs to the whole song itself. Di ko talaga magets – ganun ako ka-slow, I guess.

Mark & I agreed on this piece of technology – it is the phone for us! I want it I want it! Kaya guys bilhin nyo na lang MOTOROLA E398 ko. Bago pa naman and if you want to negotiate let me know, bibigay ko ng mura lang ;-)

A new foot relaxation venue opened in front of our building, Jenny & I had the chance to experience what they can offer last Friday. We tried the foot scrub, galing – highly recommended. The ambiance of the place is really Thai-sh, relaxing & cozy ang mood. All their chairs are even lazy-boys. They give complimentary iced tea or hot tea and complimentary back massages. The place is called Footloose & it is located at the ground floor of Alabang Business Tower. May kamahalan nga lang pero it is service deluxe with style. If you guys want to know how to go there let me know I’ll give you the directions.

I wasn’t able to mention the song that made me feel different today, for people who knows me it is obviously predictable. Magulo naman talaga akong kausap at incomplete magpaliwanag hehehe. And I opted to make the song anonymous, personal eh - & the reason why I like it is nakakahiya hehehe (wink wink) - the usual, I have its video on my mind and how its story would go if I was the one who did direct & wrote the story line.

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