Friday, July 08, 2005

Confession of A Disaster Stricken Mind

I was watching the American Idol rerun last night when I realized that my old crush looks like Bo a lot. Rocker din, long hair & all. Nakakamiss, yung feeling when you have someone to swoon for hehehe. It seems like the kilig feeling left me out in the cold for ages now. Nakatuwa lang when girls can still shriek at the sight of someone. I think I aged rapidly that I have not lived my life according to my age and to how I should.

Fridays depressed me. So I guess I should stop using TGIF as an expression. I don’t know if it is just me or is it because I’m sick… and tired hehehe. Nah being just sick is already painful but being sick and tired is a different matter. I can have lakads if I want to but what is wrong with me? Am I actually tired of the lights & the music? Am I actually tired of pretending I enjoyed someone else’s company when I don’t? Where are the real people? I need rescuing from myself, this is bad.

For a moment there I hated writing to this blog, all I can write about is music, movie, people and myself… this sickens me cos I think it’s turning out to be a tabloid already. I hate my writing that it really stinks I am not sure why there are people reading this cos my stats are increasing. God I’m hopeless, I need help.

Segue, this is the only thing consistent in my nature. I can never really concentrate on one thing hehehe. I was browsing through a baby book when I saw that my name means “gracious gift”. Neat huh? And Jo means “sweetheart”. All the good stuff in baby names. They suggest you name your child after the good things only. Why don’t they suggest the challenging names as well? Like Bogart (hehehe Jenny yuhuuu!) or Bruhilda, Hilda for short? Hehehe. If I am to name my child I will choose the challenging ones than the cute & cheery ones. My kid can hate me for it but he or she can’t do anything about it, hehehe. This will open my kid’s eye that there is no justice in this world.

Here I go again, clueless on how to end this. Clueless on how this day would end. Di bale, I’ll just look forward to Saturday, to Fantastic 4 and others. I’m afraid that if I blabber more here I’ll end up talking about movies and music. Arghh, I am already tempted to do so. Alright I’ll shut up now. Ta ta.

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