Thursday, July 07, 2005

On Coughs, Fever & Colds

Suffering from low grade fever for a week now doesn't stop my poor spirit from going to work. Arghh! Even my colleagues are down with this dreadful virus contaminating our office. For instance, Jenny is just waiting for her chin to drop on her desk - she said that we should be alarmed once we heard a crash it is cos she can no longer sit still. Our boss, who's whole house is infected with this flu & allergy thing comes to the office alternately - every other day. And moi, battling with this fever for a week now, I still believe that this is the work of the unspeakable fabric softener that I snorted.

Tomorrow's Friday already, weeeheee! Can't wait for this week to end.

Oh let me share this cool thing I have read from Jessica Zafra's Womenagerie book, the story was entitled "Real People - An endangered specie", it is about how people react to situations. It seems like people nowadays see things in a different perspective. We do not react the way we should be. Example, when your child comes home with a black eye & wounded knee the reaction is to hug your kid & give him a glass of milk??? Pathetic right? The correct reaction is to be in rage & ask your kid "WHO DID THAT TO YOU?". Oh well those were the stuff we see on TV. But it made me think, I am one of those who react differently and it makes me think more that I may now be living a life away from my life. Is it because I don't feel the right feelings anymore? I don't have the proper emotions anymore? Plastic na ba ako? Do I immortalize martyrdom? Gosh, scary, this is not me anymore.

I may not have a good ending to this crappy piece of shit I wrote, blame it on coughs, fever & colds - NOT TO ME! Hehehehe.

Peace out!

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