Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The Angry (B)Itch

Arghhh, I hate allegens, binubwisit talaga ako! Feeling naman kase kutis mayaman, konting alikabok lang ganito na! Hay I dunno what's happening to me lately, a new addition to my string of sicknesses, allergy naman ngayon - to dust & heat. Darating na lang ang araw bubulagta na lang ako ng dilat, kainis.

Anyway, another itch - I am so dying to go videoke-ing. It's a good thing Dinah will be bringing us to one videoke joint in celebration of her birthday. I've got all the songs lined up already, hehehe from my all-time pambato Weak down to Especially for you. Hehehe kawawa naman mga friends ko, they have to bear with my vocal stylings hah!

Third itch - the last 2 books of The Chronicles of Narnia, I got to have both soon.

And another itch brushed with reality: the K750i Sony Ericson phone, ma-sad naman ako when Jen told me that it is so expensive, sayang money pang Australia na namin yun, right Jen?

I have this thing on this one OPM song, hehehe. Saya - we sing it all the time in the office, it's MYMP's version of Sa Kanya (all about Attic Cat ito!) kayang kaya namin rendition nya hehehe or mas better pa nga (rolling in laughter). And the pitch where the voice will be stretched yakang yaka. My goodness, I have been listening to a lot of MYMP lately kaya ata ako nagkakaganito.

And I have a new ring back caller alert, hehehe try no pakinggan - inform me first so that I won't answer hehehe, wala lang I'm just proud of the little things that I have been doing lately. Sobrang stress-free except for the office tasks. Can't wait to get out of here, out of this country. I am so excited for next year. Sana my Pop will give me what I have asked na, yipee yun!

I bought a new DVD, ganda nya nakarelate ako (as always), it's the latest Kevin Costner movie with Joan Allen I think it was not shown here (considering na halos kasabay na natin States sa mga screening dates) kase early this year pa yun eh. Anyway the movie is entitled "The Upside of Anger". It tackles what anger and resentment can do to one, medyo deep cos you will have to think at di naman sya feel good although the ending is vague, you choose your own. The upside of anger is what you become, your growth as a person. I may not be the kind of person who is angry all the time but I realized that deep inside I am. I have hidden angst towards other people, situation and most of all to myself. Which is bad cos since it's under the skin only a few can find out about it unless I make it realized. Hirap din, when you have difficulties in expressing yourself, you can suffer from the euphoria of sadness and inconceivable anger.

Ayan ramblings again of a shitful mind. Sorry, my mind won't be idle again - will try harder next time.

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