Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Dawson's Strait

“Bye, plane na me, I promise to see you next year”

Reply: “Ok when will you be back? Ingat ka lagi and please keep in-touch. God Bless You”

“I will, promise”

3 words spoken/ texted between 2 friends.

Let me tell you the story of Dawson and Joey on a different angle. You see Dawson is the brother of Jen (I know I twisted the story a bit). Jen and Joey are friends and Joey is friends with Dawson as well although not as close as Jen. Little did they know that Dawson developed a “more than a friend” feeling for Joey. Dawson revealed what he truly felt then went away. Joey didn’t say anything about it and they continued their separate lives. Along came Pacey, Joey and Pacey became a couple and Dawson learned about this. That’s the time Dawson stopped talking to Joey. Joey didn’t have a clue that Dawson in a way was mad at her. When Dawson came back from the States everything became different, for a while he & Joey stopped being friends. Then this morning the text message above.

Joey said that she felt a little sad because she wasn’t able to talk or see Dawson the whole course of his vacation. They were close and it’s normal for Joey to feel sad thinking that she lost a good friend. She feels that she’s been losing a handy of good friends lately. Although the others are coming back, she can’t help but think that it is maybe her fault that these strange things were happening. She even lost Pacey (well it’s a different story but still they can never be friends, perhaps in after life, she can only just pray for it). But because of Dawson’s sms, a glimmer of hope emerged, she wasn’t bad after all. She didn’t wish for all those sad things to happen. Plus the fact that she misses Dawson cos they were really good friends and he’s one of the few person she can talk to about anything and everything all the time.

How many times was a good friendship ruined by our expectations and willingness to move on a next level and be more than friends? We are but human, sabi nga Joey is really likable but then on several occasions she considers being likable a curse. She’d rather be barren yet surrounded with good friends than lovable cos people tend to go away after it. I cannot blame her, life really is mysterious and unpredictable. We can just pray for happiness all the time but we can never be sure if we will achieve it. Love for instance, can be simple but often times complicated. It’s like passing through Scylla and Charybdis, choosing between two equally undesirable or unpleasant things hoping that at the end of the strait will be a pot of gold.

Kaya nga ba I don’t wanna be a grown up eh, problems with love is something I don’t want to handle, I wish I could be 5 again.

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