Thursday, July 21, 2005

The Liz Phair Connection

Thursday is my favorite day, the fact that after today is Friday makes me love the day more. People would ask why not love Fridays instead, well I can’t because Fridays sometimes depresses me. I am not really after Friday, I am after the warmth liberating feeling of having to go through one more day and its Saturday already. No work, no stress no anything, just a day of fun & relaxation.

My friend Lorry must have really loved me hehehe, she sent me the e-book version of Harry Potter and the Half - Blood Prince. Yipee, I can now read it, I will just have to wait for the paper back copy so that I can include it on my library. I have finished the first 7 chapters already. 23 more chapters to go. Sorry Joeyboy, I think I have to let Not Pron wait for a while till I finish this book. I prefer Harry more than DavidM.

My niece (Meng) started her own journal in Friendster and I was able to read the first entry she wrote. I am quoting what she said although not verbatim, she feels lucky that she have me, my Mom & my Pop. She even mentioned that she doesn’t care if she’s from a broken home because having us and her friends makes her whole already. I am so proud of her, she might not hear it from me all the time but I am really very proud of what she became. She knows what I hate the most and hopefully she’ll be able to stay away from any bad habits she has. It feels good that at an age like that (which I feel irresponsible often times) she was able to weigh what’s good from bad. She’s smart and I know she can make. I can’t wait for the day that she marches down PICC. I’ll be the proudest aunt when that happen and I know it’s gonna be soon.

I guess I am blessed too, with the family I have kahit may problema - aja aja fighting :), with the friends I have, with the job I have (kahit puro reklamo ako sige na nga), the blessings I have are really priceless. Now eventhough I consider myself as not-so-average-everyday-sane-psycho-super goddess, I guess I can still kick some butts - those who let me down. But I can just forget about it - it'll just be a waste of time. That is why I can relate to Liz Phair, hehehe I am extra-ordinary if you only get to me ;-)

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