Sunday, July 03, 2005

Events from an UNeventful Weekend

I like my title a lot hehehe cos there are really massive things that happened last weekend while I was on my insanity phase. Here are the reason why I couldn’t pass on this opportunity to write loads of stuff:

Long talk with Luchie, overseas dearie. I could not believe that I actually spent 800 plus pesos in one phone call. It was worth every penny, I miss my bestfriend very much & listening to her voice soothes my tired spirit.

An unforgettable conversation with important people, quoting some of them:

“It’s a man’s word Joan & it is just a phase, it’ll pass & when it did you’ll laugh at everything behind you”

“Did what? What kind of person is that? Just looking for a free f*#k? Geez I couldn’t believe you are stupid now. I could ignore you for that even forever for letting it go away. Arghh I don’t know what to say I’m a man too but I cannot sympathize with what was said to you, I can live without sex. God what kind of conversation is this?”

My reply: Bad mo! You don’t know that person.

“I don’t want to know him”

The Ateneo Blue Eagles all-star pep squad really had me laughing last weekend during the alumni exhibition game, kwela I have never laughed like that in ages. Seeing Sen Gordon & Gary Lising was really comical & they’re doing a cheering stunt, it was really funny.

Water & Sleep, I was able to sleep so soundly & thanks to my new lullabye singer. Things can turn from bad to worse but as my fave quote now adays, the window has been opened. And I promised myself not to dehydrate myself anymore, 8 glasses of water a day can do wonders.

Calendar Girls… movie that I like a lot oh well I’m a sucker of feel good movies what can I do?

An act 1 scene 1 kind of thing:

“Perhaps you haven’t really been inlove before kaya you sound like that”
“I have been & for a while there I wanted to die when the relationship was finally over”
“Hmm, kaya pala ganyan ka pessimistic ka na”
“No I’m not, I’m more of a sigurista na siguro, I don’t want to do the same mistakes I did in the past”
“So it was your fault?”
“Alam mo ang cute mo, it’s not my fault (moment of silence) can we just not talk about this? You’re making my heart bleed (a lil laughter) tagal na nun”
“Anong matagal it was just last year let me remind you”
“Mas severe yung bleeding nung time with you”
“Ouch, you’re telling me I broke your heart? Eh mas cute ka pala eh”
“Sus patay malisya, hay lets talk about you. It feels like ages when we last talked ah”
“Oo nga eh pansin ko a lot of my good friends disappeared when I had a, you know significant other kuno kuno (laughter)”
“We didn’t disapper we just kept our distance, who would want to cause a rift between people who are going out on a steady basis”
“You sound so western ah, going out? Like date date lang? It was a relationship noh”
“It’s a good thing it ended that way Anne, believe me I know & have been to a worse dilemma than yours”
“Who said I have a dilemma? Ano ka ba, I decided to shut up na di ba? Can you do the same, hmmm? Pretty please?”
“Dapat nakilala ko sya”
“I’m so much relieved that you didn’t”
“Madamot ka”
“Hoy mas ikaw”
“Hay naku don’t talk like that, it makes me misses you more”
“That is not my problem my dear”
“I know, oh by the way Fantastic Four next week, lets go out”
“Why ask me just now? Talaga to come with us na lang I’m gonna watch it with Mark”
“Naunahan na naman ako, when can I get an appointment ba? Hectic lagi ah, tsk tsk ways with a pretty chic oo”
“My thank you for the compliment… it was nice of you I know you just want me to feel good, I appreciate it”
“Yan ang ugali mo, you always think people are too sorry for you, why do you think those who are long dead are now resurrected & talking to you? Don’t you get it?”
“I love it when you say words like that, highfaluting phrases, gosh where did I get my adjectives… kakakausap ko sayo ata”
“That’s more like it, the girl Anne I know is coƱotic, nah kidding aside I think you’re back the way we love you”
“Awww that’s sweet, leche! Ano ba san ba punta ng usapang ito? All I can feel is like you are beginning to kiss my ass, stop patronizing me will you?”
“(laughing real hard) I am not ano ka ba, you have issues talaga with compliments oo, some things really never changes”
“Can we just talk about books? Or TV shows? Or kahit ibang tao na lang?”
“Okay basta masasabi ko lang sayo I’m glad you’re back to the Anne I know all my life”
“O sya sya”

And cut!

Yeah some things never change even some feelings don't. Life oh life, God I miss the times like this. I miss the things I do before cos I was once a party girl then my wings got cut & it when it was cut off I thought that was what I wanted. I am not saying that entering law school ruined my social life (but it is true heheheh) cos I still wanna pursue it no matter what. And since it's July I'm making a big step for my life. I am loving it! Horray!

And before I forgot, HAPPY BIRTHDAY YONG! Love you! Muah!

PS: I accidentally snorted/inhaled a fabric conditioner, boy it was bad. It made me sick, made me sneeze & sneezing up to now, it was funny. Addict hehehehe.

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