Saturday, June 04, 2005

Struck on a Windy Dawn

If you miss me comeback anytime
-Kyungjin Yeo, Windstruck

Song of the Moment: I Can’t Smile Without You (Oh Yeah!)

Kaboom, the dvd went flying then it crashed on the wall. It banged due to the uncontrollable emotion that I felt after watching the film. Tears were rolling down my face, I wiped them away & traces of streaks can be seen from my cheeks.

Okay emo shift, hehehe wake up Juanna!

OA hehehe but I must admit, I am guilty I cried while watching the Korean movie Windstruck. Although it was nothing compared to My Sassy Girl, it’ll pass when you’re too bored on a Friday night or is it morning already? Overall rating, a 5 - 10 being the highest.

I used to be a hardcore insomniac, I have experienced staring at the sky while lying on my bed (my bed in Pacita was opposite the windows, I would open them wide & tie the curtains so that I can watch the stars from the sky) then suddenly the sky turned into an orange glow. Before I knew it the sun was shinning already. I cried that moment, not because I was in awe with the transformation of dark to light (reminds me of hope) but because it was the reverse for me… from light to dark… from then on I admitted that I am a certified insomniac. As a self-confessed light sleeper, or let say a person with a terrible sleeping disorder, an hour of sleep is no difference to a full 8 hours that one needs. I mean I really don’t feel tired at all even though I was able to blink for a short while only. Funny how people would often sleep on me while chatting with me on the phone then they’ll wake up clutching the receiver the next morning. During those days I have watched all the TV shows being played including the reruns (I used to watch Just Shoot Me twice in a day – same episode). I said used to be, cos it disappeared when I entered law school. During those days, I wished I was never an insomniac cos then, I’ll have to use all the time I’m awake to read… my life was so miserable that I ended up being sick. But I love law school, If only I can continue studying without any complications, I would love to stick my nose on thick hardbound books & codals.

Anyway you would wonder what is the connection between Windstruck & Insomnia, well there’s none. I just want to blabber & blabber to keep me from staring on the wall while waiting for Sandman.

Segue, my bestfriend just came back from Cambodia. Yes Luchie is back & with a vengeance! Joke, hehehe… I’m just so happy that she’s here in the Philippines for 2 weeks. And we’re going to Sagada, Baguio & Banawe. It’ll be good for the both of us to get away for a while even just for 3 days. I’ll tell you guys more about Luch next time. She deserves a full article, not just being mentioned. Pareho kame ng tadhana nun eh. Oh well, guys were just being moronic sometimes. Biruin mo si Chie, good catch ngayon broken hearted? I could jab that D of an a-hole for a change. He’s so stupid! It seems like break ups these days ended cos of intrusions of other people. But she’s gonna be fine just like me, she’s a fighter… I have seen her rise in glory every time people would push her to the ground. Plus she’s really pretty & smart, a real good catch. Guys, bidding is open in a few hours (hehehehe ibenta ba daw?)…only smart guys are welcome because men like D are pretty stupid when it comes to choosing the better girl. Enough said, marami nang nasasaktan at natatamaan, no offense meant guys & peace out!

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